Daily Energetic Analysis During the Return of Wisdom, November 14, 2013

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare, digest, cleanse

Moon: Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

oracleThe Wisdom Goddess Kamala reaches out today to lift us to a higher level.  We take leaps and bounds out of anything that debases us or makes us feel powerless.  Conflicts, events, or issues show up in areas where we feel impotent.  This mainly plays out within relationships, especially romantic relationships, as Venus pulls toward Pluto for their annual rendez-vous.

When Venus and Pluto conjunct, it brings things up from the depths. These things can be the most pleasant or the most unpleasant.  Wounds from the past often return.  We can do things the same old way, pressed into reaction like an automaton, or we can catch a ride with Kamala and move out of that mindset.

Venus and Pluto intrinsically raise kundalini and Kamala is directly involved with kundalini.  Kundalini is pure power.  It lifts up through the chakra system.  When kundalini rises, it will “blow out” any unresolved emotional issues lodged in that chakra.  We experience this in a multitude of ways, including pain, illness, or dysfunction in that area of the body.

The goal today is to engage whatever we feel or experience from a higher perspective.  This means we have to let go of where we feel we’ve been “done wrong” or victimized.  These thoughts are what disempowers us, not the actual event.

It helps to understand that because we were endowed with limitless powers of imagination and creativity, shit happens.  Crimes against the natural order are unforgivable.  Some things are flat out wrong and deviant.  But do we need to keep beating it to death over and over again?   All of our energy is wasted with this.  If you need to forgive in order to move on, then do so.  But don’t believe that it is required.  It can just be what it is.  Being stuck on something that happened in the past is a futile endeavor.  Depersonalize it and you will find a treasure trove of energy available to you.

Kamala helps us with this.  She wants us to discover our innate gifts and talents that are unlocked when kundalini rises.  Those gifts and talents are part of the genetic makeup endowed by Sophia and her male counterpart.  If you have not discovered the story of Sophia, “The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess” awaits you.

It’s a lofty goal today to depersonalize and switch focus.  It is particularly difficult if we are lost in an underworld where we cannot see or find beauty in life.  Pluto easily turns things negative.  But that underworld is a making of our mind.  The truth is we can remake our minds.  When we do, we remake our lives and remake our world.  Let’s take the lovey-dovey part of Venus-Pluto and make a better day.

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