Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Gibbous Moon Phase: analyze, prepare, digest, trust

Moon: Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya:  Shodashi

There is a lot to navigate today.  The Moon will move into Pisces at 9:58 am EDT / 1:58 pm UTC.  With it, our emotions are moved as well.  In fact, they flow all over the place and change direction frequently.  This energy will be most challenging for Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces.

And, of course, we send out love to all of our dear Black Moon in Cancer and Capricorn friends, who are undergoing the most transformation.

So, first let’s state what the energy’s tendency is and then we will focus on adaptating and transcending it.

Today’s energy vacillates between feelings of confusion, hopelessness, disconnection, dissatisfaction, persecution, victimization, martyrdom, sacrifice, and all out pity parties.  Mixed messages, courtesy of Mercury opposing Uranus, are not helping matters.

But let’s look from a higher perspective.  We know that we are building to the Full Moon phase – the Harvest Moon.  The Moon will reach Full on Thursday at 9:12 am EDT.  Until then, Shodashi is in the home stretch with her work to fulfill what is in our highest and best interests (according to our higher selves).

Why would we “toil” with our lives only to give up just before the harvest?

Well, the answer to that is archontic trickery.  Negative forces relish an opportunity like this.  When the astrological (electro-magnetic/harmonic) energy loads emotion like we have today, it is hard for us to remain centered and happy.  This is because the energy, in it’s raw form, promotes rectification.  We interpret this by seeing and feeling what’s “wrong” in order to “fix” it.

But it’s better today to take yourself out of the equation and let the goddess handle things.  This involves being ok with wherever you are today and whatever you feel.  Remember that we are in the Gibbous phase of the month and the Gibbous phase of the year – double Gibbous – which means TRUST.  Gibbous is a passive phase – one where we receive and process the Divine; it’s not an active phase where we act on whatever we have received.

We have to let things go where they go today.  We will sort it out later.  We can help the most by redirecting our focus from ourselves to the natural world around us.  If your emotions are taking you away, go outside and see what the goddess has created for you.  Our legion holds the lines of light during Shodashi’s grand finale.  We remain firmly connected to our Source and give over to her anything that we feel we cannot handle.