Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The energy is quite unique – elegant, regal, and aristocratic (in the highest sense of the word, not the elitist sense).  We are securely wrapped in the arms of the goddess today and she is engendering a “knowingness.”  You can easily feel this today if you open to it.  Today is the last day of the New Moon phase and Gaia/Sophia has been closeby.  In order to fully experience the bounty of the deepening connection with her this month, it is important to intend the stronger connection now, during the New Moon phase.  New Moon phases always set the tone for the remainder of the month.  Thoughts and intentions carry the power of longevity, so maintain a high degree of integrity and intend to feel her presence.  On the practical level, there is no need to rush anything today.  Whatever you face today, do so with composure and respect because what we put out will come back on us before the month is out.  Sharing your time with people who quietly know and understand you will bring peace of mind.  The position of Venus today is going to cause many to come to a deep realization about themselves and the state of their lives.  This realization is going to transform lives, but it won’t happen today.  But we are really lucky with this day.  It’s sublime and I can’t quite express it.  Just purely beautiful, graceful, and elegant.  You are going to want to take this one in and bathe in it.  Let’s remember it.