First Quarter Moon Phase/Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

Well, yesterday was an interesting day, wasn’t it?  Hopefully you were able to stay in your tree, so to speak, and observe what was happening without too much difficulty.  The month of the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio will be powerful, no doubt, and today the Sun approaches exact conjunction with Saturn.  Remember at the New Moon I talked about things happening in “two’s.”  The Sun-Saturn conjunction is a two-part/two day event with two energies.  Today is definitely the day that will require some skill to navigate.  Mainly we will need to hold back – hold back our emotions, hold back our words, hold back our thoughts, hold back our energy, etc.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or exhausted by this.  Things are going to “spill” all over the place.  The Moon enters watery Pisces, joining the watery Scorpio energy that the Sun and Saturn are already disseminating.  One of the things Saturn is trying to do is form boundaries where none exist.   In order for this to happen, we have to see where we need structuring.  Most often this happens in a dramatic way so that we are sure to recognize it.  So things spill out in order to be picked up and contained.  Wednesday things spill or fall apart in some way and Thursday brings containment.  Thursday’s energy brings all kinds of things together.  Much can be achieved on Thursday, especially if we link and cooperate with others.  This month’s theme of new opportunities and open doors is in full effect Thursday and the energy will be much easier than Wednesday,  The Sun remains highly volatile with potential for strong flares.  I will keep an eye on this and post on Twitter and send a message to Andrew for the Facebook community should anything significant develop.

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