Full Moon: illumination, realization, shadows


Moon: Taurus


oracleI failed to record which Oracle Report wise owl took this photo of lightning bugs, my apologies to the photographer.  It is a beautiful image that symbolizes the voluminous amount of Gaia-Sophia’s attention that is directed at us.  But it is not only her attention that is directed, it is also her protection and guidance.  It comes up all around us.


We connect with her through our inner wisdom and our immersion in the natural world.  It is not hard to find beautiful things to look at during the Libra lunar cycle, no matter where you live and what season it is.  Connect in through nature.


If you are carrying a heavy burden or a worry right now, give it over to the planet to be transformed by the light of this Full Moon – the Hunter’s Moon, which carries us into winter.  Replace the burden or worry with a light in your heart.  Visually remove the burden and insert an orb of light (like the light of one of the orbs in this picture).  Watch it expand.


Mercury will turn retrograde on October 22 through November 11, so if you need to communicate something important or purchase an electronic device, it is advised that you do so before the retrograde.  Some astrologers use a longer range of time for Mercury retrograde (called the “shadow of Mercury’s retrograde”), but I just can’t give more energy to shadows.  Use your own discernmen


The energy has been extremely heavy, so we will gratefully take this opportunity to lighten up while we find beauty and joy in life this weekend.


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