New Moon Phase: intend, begin, renew, set a wish or intention

Moon: Sagittarius

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013

oracleThe Mahavidyas take a well-deserved break this lunar month, as the Diamond Sky Dakinis take over.

The New Moon begins late today – 7:22 pm EST/ 11:22 pm UTC – so we remain in the Balsamic Moon phase until then.  This New Moon is at 10 Sagittarius 59, and in astrology we round up, so it is 11 Sagittarius.  But since this is the very last minute of this degree, and thus all of the energy of that degree has essentially been discharged, we will round up to the next degree’s Sabian symbol for the New Moon:  12 Sagittarius – a flag that turns into an eagle that crows.

The key part for us is the “that crows” part.  The eagle has not only transformed from an idea, but it makes its presence known.  It announces itself and its sovereignty.  “Crowing” would be a classic characteristic of a lunar month that is like a long Disseminating phase.  In other words, this is the Disseminating time of year.  This is the only lunar month this year that is a Disseminating cycle.

Disseminating months are the time to share, communicate, distribute, feedback, and introspect.  Disseminating phases come after Full phases.  We get the fullest amount of light with which to gain clarity, insight, and perspective at the Full phase, and then at the Disseminating phase, we share with others to gain even more clarity.  Sharing with others and receiving feedback enlarges our perspective.  But it is important to only take the feedback that resonates for you.  Sometimes this requires a brave heart because others often tell us things that are hard to hear because they are seeing things more clearly.  After these last two months of full light from the Full phase time of year, there is a lot to talk about, and a lot to incorporate.

This lunar month will carry an energetic signature from yesterday’s conjunction of Jupiter and the Black Moon (see this past weekend’s report in the archives for more information).

Vesta and Uranus in opposition makes for a fiery month, but one that will be fueled from the heart fires and will be sustaining.  Inspiration will flash.

The month’s energy will definitely see chest pounding from nations and demonstrations of power.

But, as mentioned, we don’t move to the New Moon phase until late tonight.  This means we have all day to stay in the present and in dreamy Balsamic Moon phase, where we surrender, release, and prepare the field for the upcoming month.  Self-talk and mindsets held in Balsamic energy infuse the energetics of the upcoming lunar month, so use the opportunity to get things as “right” as you can beforehand.  Surrender and release whatever needs to go.  And then prepare to crow.  The return of the kings and the sacred masculine is certainly ready to do this.  It is going to get interesting because we aren’t just witnessing the return of the sacred masculine, we are watching the union of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.  United, they are unstoppable.  We haven’t seen anything like it on the planet for a very, very long time.  So do not expect things to be like they have been.  Everything is different now.

I will discuss the upcoming month more tomorrow.  I am prone to linger in Balsamic as long as possible, so we will get down to it then.

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