Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Posted on: February 18, 2014

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, demonstrate, communicate

Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

The Disseminating phase of this lunar month opens with the floodgates of Pisces today.  The Sun will move into Pisces, conjuncting Neptune and ushering a five day tsunami of connection with higher realms.  Not only do we have an open channel with spirit, but we gain a degree of clarity that clears away the fog.  Pop astrology focuses on the escapist, nebulous, addictive power of Neptune, but the truth of the matter is transits of Neptune make things clear as day if we are willing to look.  The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune over the next five days will bring new awareness and realization, particularly as it relates to duty, discipline, and honor.

It would be a good idea to give some thought to where your duties lie, where discipline needs to be enacted, and what you honor.  These are exercises of the inner sacred masculine.

The Fates have gifted us with this wonderful opportunity to communicate with our higher selves and with Spirit during the Disseminating phase of the Moon – the phase where communication of all types is heightened.  This is like an “open call” with Gaia Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet.  So, knowing you have audience with the goddess of wisdom, what would you like to share or discuss with her?  Her favorite topic is how we are expressing ourselves, and she prefers stories.  Where are you with the story of your life?

Don’t be surprised if she asks you about faith, which is the only thing that keeps us connected to spirit when all else seems to fail.  With this, she wishes to light a path for us.

And even though this is a special “Sophia time,” her emissary and regent Matangi also assists.  If you’ve been following the Oracle Report for at least a year, you remember that assistance is something at which Matangi excels.  Put another way, Matangi assists us with excelling.  Matangi’s month is usually during the time of year that is like a long Third Quarter Moon phase.  Recall that Third Quarter Moon phases are the time when we close-out, take care of business, finish details, and generally get things in good order.  It’s like year-end close-out before the new astrological year begins.

When the new astrological year begins with the New Moon in Aries on March 30, we can imprint/implant/interact with the field of consciousness in a brand new way.  We work new magic, so to speak.  But before that, we have to tidy up.  Matangi can help us with this.  She takes care of what is ignored, rejected, turned away from, and disposed of.  So we can have faith that we can let go of things and they will be taken care of.

Today, tune in to what you see and hear around you, what you see in your mind’s eye, and what your heart tells you.  Take counsel with the wisdom goddesses.

(Notes:  The Moon will conjunct Mars tomorrow around 5:00 pm EST, so be forewarned that anger, conflict, and aggression will be heightened tomorrow in the buildup.  Since Mars is nearly at a standstill before it turns retrograde, the effects of Mars are being amplified.  See yesterday’s report for more information.  Also, even though a water-themed picture would be in order today, I could not resist this photo from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.  It is impressive, isn’t it?  It’s a shot of a magnetic filament erupting on the Sun yesterday.  Magnetic filament eruptions make things erupt on Earth, especially eruptions in human interactions.  Be aware that we have these energies flowing alongside the influx of Piscean energy.)

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