Friday, September 28, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

Today we will need to look after things that we care about – people, things, or ideas.  There is a need for protection and nurturance.  It is a day for guardianship of those who are having an emotionally difficult transit on this stage of our journey.  Be aware of this.  If you encounter someone who is struggling, take time to listen to them.  This energy is sending a call out to spiritual warriors to help their brothers and sisters.  The frequency of your heart ripples out and affects the field in your vicinity (it actually spreads out farther than you may want to know!).  Random acts of kindness are a favorite tool of the goddess’ creation in life.

As we approach the Full Moon, the full and final effects of Saturn’s jaunt through Libra are released: penetrating insight and wisdom.  Saturn is the Lord of Time, Structure, and Discipline.  It is restrictive energy.  Libra, on the high octave, is ruled by Eris, the Queen of the Underworld, keeper of the ideals of Freedom, Marriage, Awakening, Balance, and Rebirth.  The two are not friends.  The combination of energies has been rife with conflict, which has played out primarily within attainment of personal goals and the structure of relationships.  These two have been in battle, which has waged an internal battle.  But the outcome has produced wisdom.Massive amounts of people have awakened to the nature of the illusion of the world and who is in control.  The banking cartel has been exposed on a mass scale.  But each of us has also gained wisdom about the nature of our relationships and our responsibility within those relationships.  Sometimes the light hurts our eyes.

Now, as Saturn’s movement into Scorpio at 4:34 pm EDT/ 8:34 pm GMT on Friday, October 5 becomes imminent, we are going to notice the shift in energy.  The transit of Saturn through Scorpio is when the supernatural forces behind the human controllers are going to make moves.  The energy is about power and control from another dimension.  These forces want to extinguish the life of Gaia.  It won’t work, of course, but she is going to need every single lightworker living with her to do their part to keep her creative vision intact.  We were upgraded and refined at the turning point in order to withstand the dark energy that will be aimed at us.  The thing is, we aim “deeper” – nestled deep within the protection of the Earth.  That’s why we focus on “grounding down” instead of “heading up and out.”  The importance of this cannot be overstated.  Those who are “out there,” ungrounded, or waiting for something from beyond to rescue or ascend them are going to go (even more) nuckin futs under Saturn in Scorpio.  If you think the world went crazy while Saturn was in Libra, get ready because it is on.  Saturn in Scorpio is about order out of chaos and the chaos will be manufactured and enhanced.    During this long transit, we as wise owls are going to focus on the “order” aspect – internal order through continual connection with the planet – while the mindset of the collective of humanity passes through Pluto’s (ruler of Scorpio) Underworld of Transformation.  Aren’t you glad you had your upgrade?  It has been tough – hellish even- but we are better off for it because the process we just underwent was our saving grace for sanity.

Don’t let this message overwhelm you.  Don’t project the darkness of it.  Go back to the first paragraph and focus on today’s mission.  Saturn in Scorpio is not going to affect you the way it will others precisely so that you will be able to help others.  And you do that all the time anyway.