Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

Today is the day I’ve been discussing for a few weeks – Saturn’s entry in Scorpio.  Any time a planet changes signs, the day’s events are a bit crazy, but this is especially true of the planets beyond Mars.  You will feel the shift in the energy today and through the weekend.  It is going to feel strange – a big change from Saturn in Libra.  If you feel out of sorts or like you are on an alien planet, you are picking up the signals.  These feelings could be extreme, so don’t let it throw you off.  Just know that you are experiencing the shift.  Be very cautious when driving and walking.  Stay in the present and pay attention to what you are doing.  This shift is going to cause tempers to flare, especially if someone feels “wronged” or that others have fallen down on their responsibilities.  People will lean toward being judgmental and looking to place blame.  Additionally, Jupiter stations retrograde (appears to move backwards) today, and long-time readers know that this factor alone makes for a day of craziness.  The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter as it stations retrograde.  Interestingly, the Sabian symbol for the degree of Jupiter’s retrograde (16 Gemini) is one we are familiar with – “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.”  This was the degree of the Venus transit of June 5/6.  It is worrthwhile to go into the Archives and begin reading from May 19th – the Solar Eclipse/Ring of Fire – on through the Venus transit beginning June 1 – to the Turning Point of July 16/17.  Things will make more sense and you will be able to see the progression of what’s been going on.

On to today’s group meditation.  Sorry that I had the wrong day up yesterday.  Today is the meditation; 4:34 pm EST/ 8:34 UTC but it can be done anytime today after the Sun rises in your locale.  Some wondered how long it will take.  That’s entirely up to you.  It could take less than a minute or you may choose to stay in the visualization longer.  There is no set time.  I am not one for dogma and strict rules (Saturn is!) so the meditation is flexible toward your own individuality.  You may want to light a candle if you are in a place you can do that; you may want to have items that are important to you with you.  A Sun Salutation or Warrior II yoga pose may be to your preference.  The beauty is in the individuality.

To clarify further, the smaller ball of light is your energy and the larger ball of light is the power point (cluster of energy, star gate – whatever you’d like to call it) of Gaia/Sophia that is closest to your geographic location.  Your intention will automatically draw you to this point.  There are many, many of these places all over the Earth.  But these are power sources or gates that are used to “power” sordid magical activities.  They are used for other things, too, but we are only going to concentrate on this aspect.  This meditation fuses our consciousness (our energy) with the planet’s and takes a stand with Sophia saying that we will not be party to actions that will harm our fellow humans over the next two years.  We are saying we don’t allow it.

So now you may be thinking that those dark forces are asking of little old us “you and whose army?” and the answer is the army of the children of Sophia who are awakening.  We are the first wave and there will be many, many more who will come after us.  Remember, we are holding ground – not fighting against.  We are standing up, dramatizing our cause.

Two things that are absolutely critical about this meditation: 1) put up the white light of protection at the beginning and 2) find beauty at the end.  Variations on the rest are completely up to you.  Pay attention to what happens throughout the weekend.  You will receive a message of thanks from the planet.  Most likely it will be in the form of something white. But you have to be in the mindset to catch it, so keep your vibration high.  I am sure the facebook community will be interested in your experiences and I will as well.

Group Meditation

  • Focus on the picture of the owl’s eyes in the picture above.
  • Turn on your inner eye and visualize white light surrounding you.
  • Visualize yourself turning into a blazing ball of white light.
  • Pitcure yourself magnetically attracted to a much bigger blazing ball of white light and then fly into it. (The bigger ball may have a landscape around it. That’s fine.)
  • Feel yourself immersed within the bigger light and repeat the mantra: you may not pass; we do not allow you to harm your fellow humans.
  • Remain immersed for as long or as short as you like. Open your eyes, return to normal awareness, and pay close attention to what you observe around you for the remainder of the day. Make sure you are back in normal attention if you are going to drive or engage in anything where you need to be present.
  • Find beauty in the world around you.