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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we will discuss how to terminate and repel pests using methods that are less harmful than many mainstream products that we encounter.

Our Podcast Guests Include

Charlotte Brunin is the producer of the Mother Earth News and Friends Podcast. Charlotte is currently working on creating an urban homestead to lead by example when it comes to eco-conscious living. She is currently planting a 3-sisters garden and may be adding flowers after this episode. 

Hannah Kincaid is the group editor of wellness and gardening for Ogden Publications. She spends her spare time studying and growing native medicinal plants, maintaining a large heirloom vegetable and cut-flower garden, and practicing yoga. Hannah prefers craft beer over wine, Steinbeck over Hemingway, and sunflowers over roses.

Howard Garrett is recognized as one of the leaders in the research, education, and promotion of natural organic products and practices. Garrett has extensive experience in natural organic gardening, landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance, and organic product development. He provides state-of-the-art advice on natural organic gardening, landscaping, pet health, composting, pest control, and how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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