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Wednesday, April 09, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Tags: Monsanto stock plunge, Organic Spies, State Street mutual funds

spy cartoon character(NaturalNews) One of the most powerful yet secretive groups in all of food activism is Organic Spies, a group of dedicated researchers and whistleblowers who first came to fame by exposing Whole Foods employees lying on camera about GMOs being sold in their stores.

That story, exclusively released by Natural News, ultimately helped push Whole Foods to announce mandatory GMO labeling across all their stores by 2018 — an enormous victory for honest labeling (if indeed Whole Foods makes good on their promise).

Now Organic Spies has partnered with Food Democracy Now to launch another groundbreaking video: the Monsanto Stock Plunge.

Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge targets Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street
Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge was designed to make people aware that they may inadvertently own Monsanto stock through the mutual funds they hold.

Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street mutual funds own and control enormous volumes of Monsanto stock. As is common in Wall Street investing, this is all done with total disregard for anything resembling ethics, respect for life, concern for the ecosystem, compassion for human health, etc. These mutual funds aren’t interested in doing what’s right; they’re interested in doing what’s profitable!

That’s why Organic Spies says it’s time for everyone to sell these mutual funds and encourage institutions to do the same. Click here to watch the Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge video on YouTube.

Retirement fund managers often have enormous discretion to decide where to invest their money. If they are made aware that many people want to divest from Monsanto, they may decide to sell Fidelity, Vanguard or State Street funds and move their investments to other funds that don’t hold Monsanto.

A petition on the Food Democracy Now page reminds us all that Monsanto is the corporation that manufactures Agent Orange, DDT and PCBs, adding “Monsanto’s corporate executives intentionally ignored the warning of their own scientists for decades regarding the harmful and even deadly effects these products had on their workers, communities where the chemicals were manufactured and even America’s veterans.”

“As Monsanto continues to lead the fight against GMO labeling in the U.S. with deceptive PR and ad campaigns, it’s time to remind them that corrupting our democracy to protect their profits has a price.”

Go for the (financial) throats of evil biotech corporations
I’m on the record famously saying that in order to defeat Monsanto’s evil, destructive schemes, we will need to “go for their throats.” Because Monsanto is a corporation and not a physical being, this is obviously a metaphor. But it turns out that stock valuations are a powerful leverage point for activism against corporations that the vast majority of people consider to be steeped in evil, destructive acts that threaten not just our farms and food but the very future of life on our entire planet, according to many scientists.

Click here to visit the Food Democracy Now page and sign the petition. Most importantly, check your own investments or retirement funds and make sure you sell Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street funds outright. You may even wish to contact these companies yourself and tell them WHY you’re dumping their funds.

Some of these funds are “index” funds so they don’t necessarily have a choice of which stocks to own because they have to buy the index. But other funds do have a choice and can actively sell Monsanto stock if they receive enough pressure from concerned clients.

Click here to watch the Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge video on YouTube.

In supporting the business community, we must demand ethical practices
In terms of my own comments on all this, I am not an anti-business activist. I am pro ETHICAL businesses and I openly support publicly-owned food corporations such as Chipotle which is pioneering responsible sourcing of fresh ingredients and working hard to eliminate GMOs.

I’ve also publicly supported Whole Foods’ GMO labeling initiative and plan to further endorse the company when that fully kicks in.

All across the U.S. economy, there are thousands of businesses engaged in amazing innovations that don’t threaten the entire global ecosystem with genetic pollution like Monsanto does. No corporation engages in more evil acts than Monsanto, including their outrageous lawsuits against farmers whose fields were contaminated by GMO seed pollution.

That the business community hasn’t already dumped Monsanto stock wholesale is a condemnation of the total lack of ethics in the financial investment community. In their endless quest for easy profits, they have financially enabled a company to continue engaging in tremendously evil, destructive acts that violate fundamental human rights and quite literally threaten the sustainability of all life on our planet.

I’ve heard the justifications, of course: “Oh, I’ll invest in Monsanto because they’re earning money, and then I’ll take that money and do some good with it.” That’s a lot like saying you’ll do a deal with the Devil because his evil deeds generate a greater financial return. If you financially support Monsanto, you are complicit in evil acts that threaten us all. To make amends on a spiritual level, you must immediately sell any and all stocks or mutual funds that hold Monsanto stock.

Why Monsanto is its own worst P.R. enemy
Honestly, if the biotechnology industry didn’t behave like mafia criminals, it probably wouldn’t be hated so much. If they weren’t suing innocent farmers, hiring online social media “negative P.R.” trolls, engaging in routine character assassination campaigns against activists and using underhanded intimidation efforts against scientists, biotech wouldn’t be nearly so offensive. It is their Darth Vader-like approach to try to oppress, silence, intimidate and strong-arm everybody around them that makes biotech so wholly offensive, evil and widely hated by nearly everyone (except a few sellout business publications that only discredit themselves by supporting evil).

Is this the industry we really want to allow total domination over the world food supply? And if biotech had total control over our food, do you not think they would use that power to destroy dissent and punish critics with engineered food scarcity (i.e. starvation), much like they currently wield their negative P.R. power against honest scientists?

Make no mistake: Monsanto is the most dangerous corporation on our planet, and the people who try to defend it are among the most soulless and evil. If Monsanto dialed back its evil to a more manageable level — say just 5 evil points out of 10 instead of its current 10 out of 10 — most of the activism against it would probably die down on its own. It is precisely the company’s evil acts against farmers and scientists that power the activism with sheer outrage. Monsanto, in other words, is it own worst enemy.

This is a clear case where the corporation’s own activities are practically recruiting campaigns for the opposition. Until Monsanto comes to its senses and understands this dynamic, it will always be the No. 1 target by spontaneous activism from every sector of every nation across our world.

Share this story, support Food Democracy Now
We salute Food Democracy Now for taking a stand with the release of this Monsanto Stock Plunge campaign, and I personally urge YOU to share this story and spread the word.

Keep pressuring Starbucks to remove GMOs from its supply chain and stop financially supporting Monsanto.

Support the Organic Spies on their Facebook page.

Stay informed about GMOs by visiting the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Tune in to Ronnie Cummins at the Organic Consumers Association.

Check out GM Watch for their outstanding reporting on GMOs and biotech.

And of course keep reading Natural News for regular updates on all the issues that matter for our collective personal and planetary health.

Why didn’t Natural News spearhead this release from Organic Spies?
Simply put, because we don’t control Organic Spies and they work with anyone they want. Also, the Natural News team hasn’t been spending much time on the GMO issue recently, as we’ve been preoccupied with our heavy metals testing laboratory called the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

I’m not speaking at this year’s March Against Monsanto rally, in fact, and with your support I’m working very hard on some science paper manuscripts to be published later this year regarding our work on dietary substances which demonstrate selective binding affinity for radioisotopes of cesium. In other words, we’ve developed a dietary defense against cesium-137 radiation, and that’s an area where a lot of lives can be saved.

Unlike many organizations like Food Democracy Now that focus almost entirely on GMOs, Natural News has a much wider scope covering the safety of the entire food supply from all angles. There are many other pressing issues that demand attention — removing mercury from vaccines, eliminating heavy metals from foods, protecting home gardening liberties, etc. There are a multitude of voices tackling GMOs every single day, and so with your support we set out to cover a realm that wasn’t getting much attention: heavy metals contamination of our foods, organics, dietary supplements and superfoods.

That’s where we intend to focus most of our efforts for the foreseeable future, in fact. Nobody else in the industry has an ICP-MS laboratory like we do (again, thanks to your support of the Natural News Store), and this lab tests for heavy metals, not GMOs. So we plan to use this instrumentation to its fullest in doing what it does best: reveal heavy metals in foods and more! (Coming up soon: Toxic mercury in cat treats, and high lead in dog treats!)

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