Cloning has been going on since Atlantis.

Published on Feb 28, 2013
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Sitara talks about Atlantis, Lemuria and its connection to our evolving DNA strands.
The subject of focus here is Cloning in our current society, Know more about your Doppelgänger.

********* From A Divine Galactic Perspective.****************************­***

Looking back throughout history there have been many cases of “clone” cases, now this has gone on from the time of atlantis to now… clones have been a “re-occurring case” on this planet.

Clones are not new concept to this planet. Its portrayed that way because very little is known about why, who and how it happens in many of the cases.

Now from the time of atlantis everyone knew that the human specie was the caretaker of this planet earth and that we were supposed to evolve and change, because the whole nature of this universe is about expansion and change….. nothing can stay the same all the time… it has to change it is part of cosmic law, expansion.