by Nadine Watters


When Evita Ramparte, a successful European journalist, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she wasn’t entirely surprised. After all, she admits to a lifestyle which she describes as toxic from both a personal and dietary front. In addition to regularly eating pizza, soda and ice cream, she says she was in an unhappy marriage. For example, when she informed her husband of her diagnosis, she says he brushed her off, leaving her to handle the news on her own.(1)

Ultimately, she healed herself from the cancer, leaving her doctors in shock when they told her she was cancer-free just four months after her diagnosis. How did she do it?

“This was a wake-up call,” Evita says in a video interview led by journalist Allison Biggar. “Nobody was going to take care of me. I had to take care of myself.”(1)

Getting rid of toxic eating habits and bad relationships was essential

Although doctors confirmed that her ovaries were riddled with tumors, she shunned their suggestion for surgery and instead made healthier food choices. Tired of feeling weak and fatigued, she immediately stopped her junk food habits. Ramparte explains that after just a few days of eating farmer’s market foods like organic apples and beets, as well as cleansing with juices and using olive oil instead of unhealthier oils, her skin cleared and she began losing weight. At 180 pounds, this too, was something she felt contributed to her health problems.

She admits that eating in this manner was initially difficult. “I was a sugary junkie without the sugar,” she explains, saying that at first, she experienced shudders, temperature fluctuations and emotional ebbs and flows. However, improvements in her skin and weight overshadowed those situations – which subsided anyway – and she speaks of a newfound energy and appreciation for her life and body.(1)

So encouraged by the changes in such a short time, Ramparte informed doctors that she was going to forego surgery and instead, continue on this healthier lifestyle. She told them to give her four months. If, in that timeframe, she still had the cancer, she’d adhere to their directives.

During that time, she made drastic changes in her life, focusing on eliminating all that was toxic. “I didn’t focus on the disease,” she says. “I focused on the solution.” Ramparte explains that juicing, eating more salads, exercise and yoga became a way of life for her; she lost 54 pounds. Furthermore, she let go of another heavy burden in her life by divorcing her husband, who remained unsupportive and uncaring. By adhering to a healthier diet and lifestyle and as she says, “establishing mental clarity,” everything in her life aligned with her mission and she was able to restore her health completely.(1)

A cancer-free diagnosis after four months

When returning to her doctors after four months, she was diagnosed as cancer-free. Interestingly, she notes that they were surprised, going so far as to allude that her success was not from healthier eating habits, but from trying hormone therapy or other measures.

Ramparte, who years later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, says that her goal is to continue sharing her success so that others can learn that drastic steps need not always be taken. “Try everything you can naturally…so that you never regret a medical procedure.” She says that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy should always be a last resort.(1)

Ovarian cancer statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 20,000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer annually. Although it accounts for just three percent of all cancers in females, ovarian cancer is considered to cause more deaths than any other cancer in the female reproductive system.(2)

In Europe, ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer for women; globally, it has the highest rates of occurrence in Central and Eastern Europe and the lowest rates in Western Africa in Europe.(3)

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