Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2nd July 2019

Jun 18, 2019

Pam talks about the first half of July, and the intensity that is building. She discusses the Solar Eclipse on 2nd July and what it means for you. Where do they fall in your own birthchart? If you don’t know, check out her two-part tutorial videos at Just download a birthchart free from her website, and then use the tutorials to get much more meaning for yourself by better understanding these transits to your birthchart. Pam has written two books, How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe, and also the second edition of You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? with an extra almost 10,000 word chapter looking at the next 3 years astrologically. Both are available from Amazon and from her website: She also offers a video companion to How to Co-Create, which is on the Products section of her website.