Thanks to Jean for this reminder….when I have a chance I will be taking it upon myself to clear the time to update myself on this 42 page article/information…-A.M.

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I spent  a couple hours yesterday again reading the long Part II: The Off-Ledger, Occult Economy Operation Golden Lily, The Black Eagle Trust, 9/11, The Dragon Family, the $1 trillion dollar Keenan federal lawsuit, and the Global Collateral Accounts. It’s a very complex situation, and I don’t see how anyone will understand what is happening without spending time with this information, which, by the way, has been somewhat updated. I was a bit upset that at the very end the author did not give as more detailed information about the Cease and Desist Order, supposedly signed by Edy Seno and issued to Neil Keenan. The article, called Whose on First, to which the author refers, appeared on my site, and it made clear there that Edy lost control over the Accounts in 1998, so that he had no power to issue such a Cease and Desist Order. Later, Neil also published a photo showing that Edy, when signing an official document always ‘seals’ it with his thumbprint. Significantly, his thumbprint was missing from this so-called document. ~J


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