The partial disclosure discussion proceeds on with a piece by Therese Zumi Sumner from the Event Chronicle. The article is a compilation of points as presented by COBRA, Corey Goode, David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford. 

Several have called for unity in the community, which I personally think is a good solution to any problem, not just the push for full disclosure. With that in mind, I want to emphasize that unity does not mean conformity to one belief system or another. It does not mean we cannot work with others who do not resonate totally with our beliefs. I think unity means harmony of diversity, that people who are fundamentally different due to their unique spiritual essence recognize the value of cooperation. The human body is an excellent example of a diverse unity.
I think a natural product of awakening – the process of purging falseness of the past and gaining true knowledge – is the development a narrative that we can believe in, a perspective that we want to be true. This desired outcome is usually shaped by our unconscious yearnings, desires and fears, which if we are not careful, can hold us back in our awakening. This is because we each have our own personal and unique belief systems, most especially in relation to the freedom of the planet and what full disclosure looks like.

But if we expected total agreement of everyone’s belief system to move forward as a people, we’d never get anything accomplished, and we would feel very disempowered. It’s not really fair to others for us to demand that they believe what we do and it doesn’t acknowledge their own awakening process. Some people can easily see the bigger picture once shown the raw data whereas others need more time and compassion.

For example, at this time in my own process, I am not certain that full disclosure is an absolute certainty. I am more inclined to think, based on my research, that the Event or full disclosure requires the participation of the people, that we have to actually breathe creative energy into it via our thoughts, emotions, and actions. And that we vote for the future in all moments of now, in addition to the consciousness we invoke during synchronized group meditations. Yet I don’t think my perspectives are diametrically opposed to the authors or those people who agree with the views presented. In truth, I think we agree on almost everything, there is just a small realm of possibledivergence, and that’s actually a great thing. I think one of our greatest assets in life and the awakening adventure is a difference of in point of view and the diversity of our unique spiritual essence that we carry with us at all times.

The Cabal have trained us to fear and attack people who do not absolutely agree with us. They teach us to hold our tongues so we don’t make waves or unsettle others. They teach us to keep our mouths shut out due of fear that someone may not be kind to us or that we may ostracize ourselves from the group. But it is our unique perspective, shared in fullness, that can be so powerful in expanding consciousness. It just takes compassion and kindness to look past the fearful reactions of others so that the grand work of awakening can proceed on.
It is often the insights of others that can be the most rewarding for enriching our knowledge and understanding. So in this way, I suggest we do not seek to squash or silence those with a different point of view. If we can find a way to embrace it, knowing our ideas will still be there after kindly entertaining another’s, than our own knowledge and wisdom will be greatly enhanced.
I say all this, because, in my observation of the awakening community, I see so much intolerance and infighting; but I also see a lot of kindness. Many are quick to dismiss, reject or ignore someone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs, most likely out of fear of rejection. In a way, this reveals how traumatized and disturbed we’ve become as a result of living on this world. But one of the best ways to quiet a reactionary storm in another is to get still in ourselves and send kindness instead of intolerance. Often times, people don’t know how to react any other way, so simply being kind can be hugely transformative, and help restore the unity our community so desperately needs.
So don’t abandon your most cherished beliefs, expand them and feed them consciousness energy. Allow them to grow and make contact with the insights of others. If they are true, they will become rich and filled with wisdom, if they are false, they will wither away and die. It’s all part of a process of awakening and we can each help each other along the path, if we are brave enough to open our minds and hearts.
As a final thought, I just want to clarify what Corey Goode has said in regard to full disclosure. He said that not the Sphere Beings, nor the Secret Space Program Alliance, nor the Earth-based alliances are the deciding factors for full disclosure. According to Goode, who was informed by the Blue Avian Raw-Teir-Eir, the collective consciousness of humanity is deciding the outcome, as guided by the most coherent consciousness within humanity. This point strongly harmonizes with COBRA and many others.
The awakening community or truther movement is a huge influencing factor for steering collective consciousness, due to the higher frequency nature of the individuals within it. Therefore, if the awakening community is divided, if some people only believe in COBRA, but totally reject David Wilcock – even though their information is almost totally in agreement – this would create a divide in the individual’s consciousness, a disharmony, that would reduce the impact of synchronized meditations, but more generally, the steering capacity of the awakening community as a whole.
The key point is that how we define the information we possess, via our beliefs, largely determines if it creates a consciousness of separation and fear or co-creation and love. Using the comparison between David Wilcock and COBRA, since their information is largely in agreement, if we label it within our own minds as being totally divergent or not agreeing at all, this inaccurate recognition creates a split in our consciousness that causes us to feel disquiet and anxious, leading to reactionary behavior, such as intolerance. Instead of steering the collective consciousness towards unity, we steer it towards chaos, allowing the Cabal to use it for their purposes.
So developing an ability to recognize similarities, common threads and the one truth present in all things is very empowering for creating unity consciousness within ourselves, which then makes us beacons of light able to steer events towards a beneficial outcome for all.

And it is this high-frequency consciousness of recognizing the truth that enables us as the awakening ones to bring full disclosure into reality. For we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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– Justin