Psychospiritual Roots of Evil & Our Culture of Madness
Paul Levy on Reality Sandwich


Paul Levy illuminates the hidden source of the soul-devastating Pump & Dump economy.

MALIGNANT EGOPHRENIA: Instead of focusing on isolated objects and events, we can expand our fixed perspective and allow the deeper process (often taking the form of a mythic narrative of some sort) that is animating events to reveal itself. Instead of  superimposing our limiting ideas and beliefs onto the waking dream, we can allow life to reveal its dream-like nature to us. Once I began to notice the deeper pattern that was emerging, it became clear that people routinely got hooked through their unconscious blind spots and acted as unwitting conduits and agents of obfuscation through which the nonlocal disease could replicate itself. Everyone, to the extent we are not fully awakened, is unwittingly protecting the abuser in their own way, as well as protecting themselves.
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