Personal PostingI just had to share an experience I had last Thursday night.  I was driving home from Encinitas, CA and as I was driving down a typical street, I saw some very bright lights blaring in the sky, above the tree line.  I sped up to see if I could see where it was coming from, assuming it was some sort of lighting apparatus for those who are building late at night. Strangely enough, the lights were shining right at the intersection of where I was to turn left.  As I came to a stop at the intersection light, I saw the half moon lights beaming down from the base of a craft hovering about 100 feet up in the sky.  I had never seen a craft like this before, as its color was like a beige-white with two wings protruding vertically and its tail was some what oval shaped.  I believe there were no front windows as you would see with a conventional aircraft.   I didn’t hear any noise and as it hovered for a moment, it began to fly very slowly away towards the west.  In a split second it was gone from sight.

Do you have any similar sightings as of late? If you know what type of craft this is, please drop me a post!  Thanks.