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If life's journey be endless, where is its goal?
The answer is, it is everywhere. We are in a palace which has no end, but which we have reached. By exploring it and extending our relationship with it we are ever making it more and more our own...

Rabindranath Tagore
This covers her unique galactic formulas and remedies and should answer most questions you may have.
What Your "Personalized Remedy" Can Do For You!
These personalized formulas are a profound journey unto themselves. These remedies are specifically created just for your physical body, emotional and mental make-up, and etheric grid and field. I work closely with Prime Creator to compose a blend that is specifically needed or called for by the individual's Higher Self. I also communicate directly with the individual's personal Guidance to assure their involvement in the creation process.
So whatever you are working on at that time can be addressed, as well as what your Higher Self calls "to action". I literally "participate" and contribute to the creation rather than "dictating" what I think the client needs in the remedy. This is a significant point because you will be assured that your remedy is not coming from my ego but rather a cooperation of my right and left hemispheres. Your Higher Self is ultimately in control.

These essences work with you as much as you work with the essences, honoring you, and making your individual soul path more accessible. These essences enhance your sacred uniqueness as a being, prompting you through your growth process, and meeting you where you are in your daily walk. If you are determined to work through and eliminate tendencies towards self-sabotage, unworthiness, and a lack of empowerment, these remedies are very beneficial. But frankly, no matter what it is that you want to repair and rectify, my formulas can bring forth a new and improved you.
Personalized Essences
Personalized Oils
Personalized Essences Plus Oils
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PLEASE NOTE: When I create personalized formulas for you, it can take several hours to complete your remedy(s), depending on the severity of your issues, past life conditions, and ailments. The time is also determined by the Guidance and communication from your Guides. These personalized formulas are SPECIFICALLY made for your exact physical and etheric blueprint, as well as your body and energy field, so it takes more time and research depending on what you will be needing.
Hi Alexandra

a little Feedback from me so far... I used about half of the content of the oil.

I can confirm what the others are saying, personal empowerment (feeling of sovereignty) is constantly improving, far more than the health part.

The changes are nearly daily, but often only grasped in retrospective. Things were coming up more fast as well, that I had delayed to the future (or so I thought..). Negative thoughts have droped quite considerably (not that I let that influence me then it really counted, but that was still annoying, and there ist not much that counters that).

Ok, what else have I observed with the oil ... in the beginning (and the scanning as well) a tingle on the whole of the sole of foot. And now its more like a litte Sting on the Yongquan-Point (no problem).

Less resistent to things, it's a little calming, and it's easier to be balanced as well.

And before I forget it, regarding the scan. The next time I say "bring it" -> thats a joke...

No I'm joking its alright. :-)

Thank you very much and I thought you wanted to know how your work has an effekt.

Best regards,

I am so grateful for everything you have done for Ray and me. I know Ray is healed from his illness. It is already done. You have also helped me to see my life and the entire world we live in from a higher perspective. It has allowed me to understand the purpose of past events and to look forward with great joy. We are feeling more healthy and replenished with each new day. We are focusing on our personal growth knowing that we are ready.

There is so much change going on now. I see it happening with my friends and can now help them understand better why it is happening. I am sharing the great news with everyone I know who is awakened and searching for the truth.

I will keep you updated on Ray's physical recovery and any other news. As you introduce new services that would be good for us in our journey of transformation, please let me know.

Love & Blessings

As a guardian, I have processed/transformed multiple levels of energies. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C a while back. My viral load was over 7 million. In working with the remedies my viral load was reduced to 1,29 million. They work on a cellular level and anything connected to the focus of the remedies will surface i.e. old trauma, emotions even old illnesses. These essences are spiritually based and assist with the work we do by supporting, realigning, healing and transforming...

I love my Galactic Essence treatments. I have been on them for nine months, on and off, but steady. I sense the energy in the remedy as I take it. It is gentle, and goes deep into my accumulated debris from all of my many incarnations as a soul. Alexandra gives support and guidance, and is available to assist as 'things arise' in the treatment. I am told 'what we are working on' and I also see her guides while she is talking with me. I communicate with them too, as a medium, telepathically. My goal is to reach the highest Vibration possible because I feel much better when my Vibration is UP. It's like riding a bicycle. The faster you pedal, the more easy it is to stay in balance and enjoy the ride!

There are very few who have ever lived who have the soul experience as a Healer as Alexandra does. It is her innate wisdom, her open heart and her desire to heal that sets her apart from all other Healers I have known. So if you want to experience the work of the same healer who I go to myself, try Alexandra. It can help you move past your challenges faster and with ease in your soul contract. You might not feel anything while you are taking them - but if you take notes on yourself about two weeks after you finish the bottle, and compare it to what you were before - your growth as a soul and healer will astound you.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Peace

Reiki Doc
Hi Alexandra

I just ordered another round of personalized essence and oil. I have a quarter of the bottle of personalized essence left and I ran out of the oil today. You asked me to journal and tell you some shifts, transitions, changes and challenges that I have experienced since taking the personalized essence and oil and the "Returning Home" essence and oil.

Looking back through my journal, I have had more shifts than I thought. I am recognizing when I go into victimhood mode and then focus out of it by turning on music, meditating or going for a walk.......I have been more honest with myself and others and I no longer fear what they think. It is time for me to move on and up. I have been using my shields up and mirrors out and cocooning myself in my blue oval sphere and I really noticed how much longer I can stay around a crowd of people and how it is easier to have loving and forgiving thoughts and compassion.

Had a core issue come up yesterday with a sister and I noticed how I felt inside when she brought up some core stuff and let it pass through me instead of feeding on the anger and holding onto it or bursting out in anger and I didn't even need a glass of wine to settle down. That is huge!

I am actually loving life more. I feel like I am much more aware and growing in the Light. My thoughts have shifted and I feel more grateful for my abundance especially in good relationships with the few friends and family I choose to interact with.

I am listening to interviews, about 2 a week on your webpage and learning about all the darkness in the world and noticing how movies are telling us what is going on only in Hollywood style. The wars in the galaxy, the matrix we live in.... etc. I was so blinded by all of that stuff. I love your website and interviews. This is where I am getting educated and growing more spiritually. Ok, I hope that is enough for you right now. Overall, I feel much more empowered to speak my beliefs and being so much more grateful for my little world I live in. Feel free to check in on my Higher Self and do what you got to do to make up another round of personal essence and oil. Thank you so much for all you do for me and humanity.

Blessings to you and your crew for a Fabulous 2016!

Thank you for your interest and willingness to take this leap of consciousness with our Divine Creator and me!

With love

Alexandra Meadors
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Thank you


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