Make of this video what you will.

actor with film projectorI maintain that much about what

you’ve heard in the mainstream
media about Malaysia Flight 370
is a lie and much about it online
is false, as well.
In turn, it is also quite possible that
some of what I have passed along
to you has unwittingly included false
information about this mystery –
as I’ve alerted you, all along.
This clip is a completely off-the-wall
theory, presented with somewhat
convincing details from an articulate,
seemingly authentic and trustworthy,
exasperated but well-meaning, truth-
seeking individual, with a Christian,
survivalist point of view.

But who and what to trust?

We are in a situation where seemingly

every government and intelligence
agency, worldwide is actively working
in unison, it would seem – to confuse,
manipulate and otherwise scramble
your brain, as if by putting it in one
of those super, health-nut, smoothie-
making blenders…
Is this the New World Order in action?
What data, presented here is not
“garbage-in”? I welcome the opinions
of everyone, on this.
I can only promise you is that I seek,
every day to expand our view of what
is possible and about what is being told
and withheld – and this morning’s 20-
minute clip is what I chose for today,
after much deliberation.
Please know that I am not asking or
telling you to *believe* this report but
yes, to store it in your arsenal, to be
used to get to the bottom of this
international criminal fraud that is daily
being perpetrated against everybody
and anybody who watches the
mainstream news – to say nothing
about the unthinkable suffering of the
passengers, crew and their families!
I am now pleading with all subscribers 
and visitors who are living in the Far 
East and in South Asia, to share local 
news reports, for me to see *how* this 
story is being presented in your countries. 
Please forward these links to me. Don’t 
worry about the languages, as these 
can be translated by a number of 
free online programs – and by my friends 
who know the languages (inlcuding those
who choose to help me, by sending such 
links and who can help to clarify bad 
Maybe by working together, outside of
the news system, we can get to the
bottom of what has happened – and what may
still be happening – to the passengers, crew
and equipment of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Thank you.
– Alexandra

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