More images of all these formations can be seen on our Image Library
Windmill Hill, nr Avebury, Wilts.
31st July 2012 – Wheat – approx 100ft in diameter
This circle was sadly cut out by the farmer on the morning it arrived. Fortunately Monique Klinkenbergh was able to capture the circle shortly before it was cut. Looking like beads on a string, the circles apparently represented ASCII code and read: ‘PEACE’ – beautiful!
Avebury Stone Circle, Wilts.
1st Aug 2012 – Wheat – approx 300ft+ in diameter.
This amazing formation appeared right next to the stone circle at Avebury. It appears to be yet another in a series of formations depicting serpents during 2012 and is also connected (design-wise) to the ‘heavenly city’ formation of earlier in June.
Here is the circle in the landscape with Avebury in the background.  Notice the cloudy skies… The UK has seen a return to unsettled weather patterns in the last week.


Longwood Warren, Hampshire.
23rd July 2012 – Wheat – approx 150ft in diameter.
This unusual design is one of a series of circles in Hampshire which have followed a very geometric programme. This looks like an opening of some kind. The shape is a a nonagon – a nine sided polygon.
Owlsebury, Hampshire.
29th July 2012 – Wheat – approx 200ft in diameter.
This is another of the very geometric formations from Hampshire this summer, this time showing an icosahedron. An icosahedron is a regular polyhedron with 20 equilateral triangular sidesWhile this formation does not look symmetrical, it is in fact quite correct. It is a very clever piece of design.
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