Banner-Let freedom ringThe powers that be wanted my community’s water, the globalists want
Bundy’s land to build a monolithic energy hub which is powered by solar
energy controlled by the Chinese and they want to put it on Bundy’s
property and I have the document that proves these claims.

Solar Energy Zones
I have discovered the existence of a BLM document which introduces
America to a new Agenda 21 land designation and it is called a “Solar
Energy Zone”. The smoking gun BLM document is entitled:
Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone
Technical Note 444
Produced by: Bureau of Land Management
March 2014

The BLM produced document carefully spells out all of the Agenda 21
precautions to protect the environment and indigenous wildlife in these
newly created Solar Energy Zones. The document specifically mentions the
tortoise and its need to be protected, which is at issue in the Bundy
case. Every form of species is protected within these Solar Energy Zones
except for humans and nothing is mentioned about how land will be
acquired through the eminent domain process. The document makes it clear
that land can be acquired to protect local species which could be
threatened. This is how the federal government is getting around
declaring eminent domain and paying people fair market value for their
land, prior to stealing it. This is exactly what my community went
through in the last decade in fighting against the Canamex Highway.

Reid, Clark County Commissioners, the Chinese and Cronyism
“The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s
(D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site
stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off
of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make
way for solar panel power stations”.

Most people view the recent events directed at Bundy to be a case of
political and economic cronyism. There is certainly that element.
However, this is much bigger than the corrupt Harry Reid and his sons.
The next few sections will begin to connect the relevant dots and a
clearer picture will begin to emerge.

Noted researcher, Vicky Davis, sent me the location of the proposed
solar farm where Bundy’s property is located and its neighbor is Nellis
Air Force Base. It’s right there and Harry Reid is aiding and abetting
the Red Chinese to locate a facility close and Air Force base. The same
overlap is mentioned in the previously identified BLM Solar Energy Zones
document. When I was serving as the Spokesperson and later as the
Director of the ACPPR, I noticed that nearly all Canamex Highways were
located adjacent to a military base. I also noticed that the existence
of an inland port was located in the same area. And we know that the
Chinese are heavily involved in the control of inland ports.

Connecting the Dots
It is time to connect the dots on one leg of this land grab in Nevada.
The I-15 Canamex Highway runs adjacent to the planned theft of the Bundy
property. In this location, a new Agenda 21 land designation is emerging
and it is called a “Solar Energy Zone”. Solar Energy Zones will connect
the variables of the Canamex, the evisceration of private property
rights, land use delineated in the Agenda 21 Wildlands, the control of
all transportation corridors within the United States and the ultimate
betrayal, the Chinese control of all military bases in the United States.

How do I know this? First, I have lived through the same resource theft,
property rights grab with the Canamex. Additionally, in Arizona, we are
also establishing a solar farm system that has all the hallmark traits
of what is going on at the Bundy property. The Arizona state government
is cooperating with various federal agencies to build a massive solar
farm 70 miles southwest of Phoenix. The Arizona solar project is located
adjacent to Luke AFB flight operations and it is near another energy
resource, the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. As an aside, I was
contacted by a Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant employee this week. FEMA
has been on sight in a surprise inspection and my source has expressed
apprehension and surprise at this development. Does anyone else smell a
false flag coming? Also, as time goes on, I am certain this will connect
the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant to the solar farm. The Bundy area
contains the exact same set of variables as what I am seeing here in
Arizona in that we see the Canamex Highway nearby, a land grab,
proximity to a military base and proximity to another large energy
resource, the nearby Hoover Dam. I suspect that I am now going to hear
from many people across the country who are going to now connect these
dots in their home state and see this for what it is. If the Chinese
gain control of all new energy (i.e. solar power), can you imagine what
your energy costs will be? Our problems with this plot extend far beyond
energy costs.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?
Chinese Solar on Bundy Ranch Arizona Solar Farm
Chinese money backing project Chinese money involved in project
Creation of Agenda 21 “Solar Energy Zone” Creation of Agenda 21
“Solar Energy Zone”
Located near a Canamex Highway (I-15) Located near a Canamex
Highway (1-10)
Located near a major energy source (Hoover Dam) Located near a
major energy source (Palo Verde Nuclear Plant)
Located near a major military base (Nellis AFB) Located near a
major military base ancillary facilities (Luke AFB)

If I were a betting man, I would say that the Chinese will soon have
control of all interstate highways that are connected to the Canamex
Highway Corridor system. This would be a precursor event to an invasion
in which an invading force would secure all transportation routes. It is
becoming clear that these Solar Energy Zones will be merged with other
major energy sources (i.e. hydroelectric and nuclear power). This will
potentially give the Chinese complete control over our energy and they
can charge whatever they want. Further, placing Chinese interests near a
major military installation can be construed as another precursor to
invasion. The bases could easily be neutralized before they could stop
the advance of an invading blue-helmet military force.

My fellow Americans, we are seeing this government hand off all future
energy to the Chinese. They are stealing American land to do so, through
agencies such as the EPA and BLM. The Chinese will soon be occupying the
bases adjacent to these Solar Energy Zones. This should scare the hell
out of all us. We are about to be occupied by Communist Chinese forces
and our federal government agencies are a party to this take over. I
will be writing on the military aspect of this threat in a future articl​e.DON HANK

Apr 15, 2014