MeHello Everyone!

I REALLY need your support.  I am having growth pains with which has now reached 7 million hits per month. I  need you all to send me and my site lots of light and support.  If you have noticed, it has been hit and miss because I have outgrown my server and am going to have to switch over to a dedicated server very soon.  In the meantime, PLEASE be patient with me and the future transition.  I will have a screaming server in the near future.

I appreciate your patience and support…

I also want to announce that the Interview with Cobra is up and available at the following link:

Love to all of you and thanks to those of you who have donated to my site!  I REALLY appreciate your support…I have just learned that my server has doubled in price per month!  Geeeeezzz…so please keep the donations flowing and I will keep the information and informative interviews coming.

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