Ryan Mercer

FYI Folks. Pokemon Go was made by Niantic Inc. Niantic Inc is a company that was formed by Keyhole Inc. Keyhole Inc was a company that received investment capital from In-Q-Tel (that also invested in Facebook) which is THE VENTURE CAPITAL FIRM OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. So, when you’re playing your stupid Pokemon Go game just know you are helping the CIA domestically spy on American citizens.

So keep that in mind when you are out walking the dog, hitting up a park, setting out lures etc in your attempts to catch make believe creatures in your augmented reality app. Congrats, you are now a a free contractor for the CIA helping them to violate the part of their 1947 charter that prevents them from spying domestically on American citizens.

Now, you ask “Why does this even matter?” which is a valid question. Let’s take a look

  • Within a week they have millions of users, carrying their phones around with GPS on and data being sent back to the servers.
  • The app used augmented reality, deploying virtual pokemon at locations your phone’s camera is actively viewing
  • In my neighborhood all of the ‘gyms’ and ‘stops’ are the town’s town hall, churches and veteran groups like the VFW.

So you have a company with direct ties to the CIA having millions of users walking around with GPS and cameras that are frequenting government, religious and veteran buildings pointing their camera at said locations. Say they have satellite coverage of an area and are surveilling someone of interest but they need to see what is going on better. What do they do? “We have x users in the are, deploy a new gym or stop or deploy a lure from a fictitious account now people should start congregating in the area giving us multiple vantage points without us needed to put assets on the ground. Once people start showing up deploy our own assets on the ground, no one will think a thing about them pointing their phone at them as they are used to all of the Pokemon Go players in the area doing the same”.

Congrats folks, you now are a tool of 1 or more intelligence agencies.

“IQT identifies, adapts, and delivers innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency and broader U.S. Intelligence Community.”

“On 29 September 1999, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was treated to something different. In many of the nation’s leading newspapers and television news programs a story line had appeared that complimented the Agency for its creativity and openness. The media was drawn to a small corporation in Washington, DC that had just unveiled its existence and the hiring of its first CEO, Gilman Louie. Mr. Louie described the Corporation, called In-Q-It, as having been formed “…to ensure that the CIA remains at the cutting edge of information technology advances and capabilities.” 1 With that statement the Agency launched a new era in how it obtains cutting edge technologies. In early January 2000, the name of the corporation was changed to In-Q-Tel.”