Poland Latest To Seek Repatriation of Its Gold

Sep 16 2013

The WealthCycles Staff

Germany, Ecuador, Mexico, Switzerland. Now Poland, if a petition movement is successful, will repatriate its gold bullion reserves, currently held in the vaults of the Bank of England.

goldbars3The group, Oddajcie Nasze Zloto (Give Our Gold Back), seeks the return of Polish gold from the Bank of England to ensure its “safety” and the economic security of Poland. Supported by organizations such as the Mises Institute of Poland, the Business Center Club, the Mint of Wroclaw, and others, the movement has attracted the attention of the Polish parliament. In response, the parliament has asked the president of the Polish central bank to ascertain the status of the gold and conduct an audit of gold assets in England.

The group’s Polish-language website is http://oddajcienaszezloto.pl.

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