Is Canada Replaying What the USA Did in 1776??? Wow!

Flag-republic-of-kanata-300x172Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors review the new developments going on with the launching of The Republic of Kanata.  Several topics reviewed include common law, peace officers versus police force, the formal proclamation, establishing a high court of justice, stand down orders, Burnaby Mountain, serving a foreign power, Radio Free Kanata Radio Show being launched February first and more.  For all of you who have a passion as to how to change this world, this convention is for you!  It is now time to stand united as a world citizenry and take action! Yeah!

Crown authority is nullified, Common Law established as Supreme Authority

A Proclamation of Independence & 3 accompanying Acts are being read that have nullified ties with the British Crown, established the Republic, and created a High Court of Justice to enact common law courts across Kanata.