Summer Solstice/Full Moon Update
Dear Friends,

happy-summer-solsticeSummer Solstice is Thursday, June 20 at 11:04PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). This is definitely a time to celebrate what’s new, what is coming, where your transition is taking you, and what’s next, as well as to be in gratitude for the many gifts and support you have received along the way. The desire for being in love with others and life and the future is strong and we would advise being around people who are on the same page as you. Do something special to celebrate at this time and make sure you include boatloads of gratitude.

Full Moon is Sunday, June 23 at 5:33AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) On the heels of the Solstice, this is an exalted time and much of the aspects of the solstice also hold true for the full moon. There is some need for boundaries and protection and being grounded as the level of this exaltedness can throw you off into such an expanded state that you can lose focus and become vulnerable to other people’s energies that go beyond just sharing a vision. Therefore it is more important than ever to be with others who are truly on the same page and who support and love you unconditionally and without any judgment.



ASTROLOGICAL NOTES: Written by Patricia Liles.
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Full Moon

Sun in Cancer ~ Moon in Capricorn 2º

Sunday, June 23, 5:33 AM MDT

(11:33 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

We pass one of the most powerful points of the year at the Summer Solstice when the Sun reaches its most northern position and the days are at their longest in the northern hemisphere and shortest in the southern hemisphere.  The solstice on June 20/21 marks the entry of the Sun into the sign of Cancer.  We drop out of the mental orientation of Gemini, an air sign, and into the watery world of emotional intelligence, feeling, nurturing and support.  Cancer is about to receive one of the greatest gifts the solar system has to offer on June 25 which is Jupiter, the largest of all the planets, coming to stay in her sign for one year bringing the gifts of expansive energy, generosity, enthusiasm, optimism, opportunity, confidence, wisdom – what’s not to like?!  All of this brought to our emotional bodies via Cancer, The Great Mother.  What will get expanded?  Our focus on family, food (for our enjoyment, nourishment, and well being, as well as food politics), the feminine, our most basic security, fertility and birth, and the rituals accompanying both birth and death.  (read more here)