yemen drone strikeOver half of Yemen’s 24.8 million citizens hear it every day — the sound of a robot plane bringing death from the sky.

Drone strikes don’t require troops on the ground. They happen off-screen, and out of Americans’ minds. But for the people of Yemen, the constant terror of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, of playing or working near a suspect of some unspecified crime, is what’s breeding terrorists in an area crippled by fear.

Enough of children’s scarred skeletons, of cars reduced to melted metal, of the massacre of a foreign people without reason or mercy.

Please, join us in demanding President Obama stop murder by drone, and stop breeding a new culture of hate, terror and trauma!

PETITION TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: Drone strikes in Yemen do nothing to stop Al Qaeda and everything to terrify civilians, kill innocents and traumatize generations. Stop this brutal practice now.