Bix Weir’s Take……….

Many have asked me how the standoff at Bundy Ranch fits into the Road to Roota Theory.  Like most major happenings in the past 5 years, the ongoing events at Bundy Ranch have a much bigger agenda than what is on the surface.
Bundy Ranch: Just Another Lesson from the “Good Guys”
“When you stand back it all becomes very clear. Like most false flag type events these days – we are being taught LESSONS. A lesson to prepare us for the coming battle for our Freedom. A lesson about State Rights vs Federal Rights. A lesson to energize our CIVILIAN MILITIAS and show them that they CAN WIN and should be ready to be called into action. A lesson for WE THE PEOPLE that we really DO have the power to stand up to the Federal Government and say “NO MORE” when they try to trample our rights!”
This CAN be a huge turning point for our nation if is plays out…as planned.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir