Prime Creator Message - The End Is The Beginning
And The Beginning Is The End
December 10, 2017
Hello My Children,

The time has come for Me to relay more truth and transparency in My series of Prime Creator messages! Through this letter, you will gain an understanding that mishaps do occur in higher planes of existence but only continue playing out in much lower realms. I would also like to clarify that when you read "I" in this letter, it is representing Me, The Prime Creator.

Today I am providing you additional SOFT DISCLOSURE on simple basic questions such as "why you ended up on Earth" and "how did life on earth really come about? How did you end up here for such an incredibly long time, that of 350,000 quadtrillion millenias x 10,000?" Remember as previously stated, one millenia is equivalent to 25,000 years in your time. As you can see this is a ridiculously long period of time yo have been in The Game.

I am relieved to announce that it was not until recently that Jack, one of my children from the very beginning of The Game, has completed his work and willingly too full ownership and responsibility for his own creations and miscreations. To my elation, an aspect of James stepped forward and worked diligently with Me as well, so we could FINALLY shut This Game down. You will earn more about why the roles of James and Jack are so significant. In addition, someone at each lever of involvement in The Game has been willing to invest a great deal of their time and effort working directly with Me and in taking full ownership, understanding, forgiveness, and clearing work. One of the immediate benefits of this completion is the shutting down of the seemingly never-ending time loop that all of you have been in for 350,000 quadtrillion x 10,000 millenias, apparently offering no exit whatsoever.

Many of you have pondered why it has taken so long to get this Game shut down and why I didn't stop it sooner? Before I answer that, let me be clear that this can be challenging to provide you a thorough understanding when time does not really exist, and that includes past, present and future. Things happen simultaneously, vertically and not horizontally - nor linearly.

With that said, all information will be presented in an easy to understand manner, but I caution you that this is only the "tip of the iceberg". We can not possibly review every single event that has transpired, and every miscreation created by each of you over the course of 350,000 quadtrillion x 10,000 millennias. Each of you will be required to understand and comprehend the "tip of the iceberg" that I am sharing with you today in order to receive the healing and clearing work already completed for all of My creations. Many remember that Alexandra has reminded you multiple times to repeat this as often as you are called to do so:


Since work is incessantly being done on your behalf, I suggest you state this as often as you can, especially once a day. This healing literally sits upon your head etherically until you fully understand it, ask to accept and receive it and not a minute sooner!

For example, the level of comprehension amongst all of you in The Game must include what choices you have made that have harmed yourself, others and how these choices have affected the greater good of The All Is. If you do not understand these core themes and choices, the work will be waiting for you when you are ready. If you have not fulfilled previous agreements you made when you came to Earth, agreements to finally take responsibility for your participation in The Game and all choices you have made, you and you alone will have to deal with it and all it has created. I have however cleared over 95% of this work with a willing participant on Earth that was not completed by any other parties - meaning all participants, and volunteers alike. Her countless hours of work with Me have provided all of you a gift for those who desire to get started on their path to ownership and healing. But for clarification purposes, I must succinctly state that I will not be held responsible, nor take responsibility for anyone's creations, miscreations, misqualified energies and karmic debt any further. Meaning, the rest of your individual clearings must be done by you!

So, let's go into more detail about how this all began...

What started as an innocent exchange amongst a couple of children grew into an unrelenting virus that grew out of control, affecting 75 worlds, all of the children and all the creations within those worlds. In fact, it got largely out of control due to the Big Bang you have heard so much about, affecting all 75 worlds in 1/10th of a second, and instantaneously creating a time loop for all in these 75 worlds within this one sector before it was contained by Me. So those most affected by this devastating event have been in a contained section of space containing a copious number of other Sectors. Again, each Sector consists of one Stellar Galactic, 13 Cosmoses, 13 Galaxies, 13 Universes, a Planetary System and a Solar System. Are you grasping how massive The Game really is, which you so often refer to as The Matrix? The time loop was initially quite short, but spiraled out of control with a downward coil of descension from the 485th dimension to the 3rd dimension without exit, again in 1/10th of a second. What I shared in prior messages was a depiction of later versions of what actually occurred at the VERY BEGINNING.

The Big Bang/CERN/Particle Collider technologies were/are all extremely destructive creations that generate a descending downward cycle within a vortex, producing an opening, within an opening, within another opening, and so on, much like the Russian Nesting Dolls. A complete separation occurred within all things which sucked them into the downward spiraled vortex because every creation was backward vacuumed and very fragmented.

Another key contribution to this separation was what was going on with the children at My school and office. One of the older children (James - a teenager for your understanding) mischievously removed one of My unfinished schematics where I had drawn the beginnings of a water planet, and without realizing what it would ultimately create, the children wrote all their names on this schematic in response to James' promptings. This seems like an innocent enough act; however, you need to understand that when the children took this schematic, it created quantum entanglement (review prior messages regarding this). You see James, the teenager, had decided to create The Game and promoted its purpose as a way for My children to play and make it more fun to learn. He believed that My methods of training were outdated and slower than necessary, and had ideas of his own on how to expedite learning. There was also another child named Jack (around the age of seven) who was having some challenges with James, which developed into an exasperated feud. When James approached Me with an idea of creating The Game for accelerated fun and learning, he also suggested that The Game would facilitate a resolution between the cohorts (James and Jack). I agreed to it with the intention that this would be helpful and healing for all of My children, no matter their age.

Unfortunately, James had a sinister ulterior motive and his request was full of impure and distorted intentions. He had already penned a storybook for The Game entitled "The Experiment of How to Create Resolution Between Two Cohorts." That alone sounds well intended, however here are some of the items included in his storybook for The Game that were not fully transparent until later:
  • What were supposedly innocent rules of The Game written by James, ended up being quite divisive between the children and their Creator (Me).
  • It stipulated that no one was able to go to Me for help or ask Me a question directly. They always had to go to James for help. If they did come directly to Me, we found out later they would have to answer to James and suffer the consequences.
  • All the children who participated came from 75 worlds within the Sector. James told the children whatever they wanted to hear so he could recruit as many of them as he could to agree to be part of The Game.
  • James was a good salesman, convincing them that The Game was on the road to faster spiritual growth, abilities, and time travel.
  • James also offered faster learning methods through interfacing with technology.
  • He suggested that they would be their own teachers with everyone's help and promoted short cuts.
  • He told everyone that he wanted to show the Prime Creator that this was the New Way, the better way, a more updated way to educate beings.
  • James told the children that this was all approved by Prime Creator.
  • He even provided the children with a forged document displaying the Prime Creator's signature.
  • James was immediately setting up and implementing these rules without approval from Prime Creator.
Many had spoken with Me the day before and had no knowledge of James' true intentions. And considering they were young children, they never checked the authenticity of James' Game and immediately agreed to it. James' lies, and deception were blindly accepted by not only the children, but the 75 co-creators of 75 worlds, and all their children and creations. A large community of My creations had bought into James' game without full compression and understanding of what they had signed up for. This quickly created the beginnings of a hierarchical system, the pyramid scheme, the sleight of hand methods, deceptive practices, and pathological lying. James wrote all of the children's names on the schematic, including what role they would play and what they would do in The Game. This is literally where fairy tales and children's storybooks come from and what many parents recite to their children on Earth.

When the game commenced, all 75 co-creators were involved plus James and Jack, and unknowingly I got drawn in because they took My schematic and used it as the game board without My permission. Remember, that schematic had My energy signature on it and therefore became entangled in This Game. James also intentionally prompted Jack to step into one of his technological experiments, a Particle Collider, to launch Jack into time travel with The Game, however it was only an experiment and had never been proven to work before. The tragic result of this was Jack got blown up into a million pieces, shattering him and binding his shattered parts to everyone else in the game. All were now bound together like a checker board! The other travesty was 3 other planets were also blown up, including everyone on them. These other planets were also bound to the schematic James had stolen out of My office, and all those who had written on the schematic. This was an unparalleled quantum entanglement! All those whose names were on the schematic would now become a "game piece" themselves, and eventually part of a land mass on the schematic. This was because as each being descended, they transitioned from a crystalline based structure that was free flowing energy into a solidified and compressed structure of carbon based energy.

This calamity also created polarity, separation of self, and the development of the mind. It was also agreed upon that certain participants and co-creators in The Game would remove their hearts of crystal before the game began, cutting themselves off from all communication and love from their own Creator. This also fractured Me since I created them. The first creation of dark matter was created from this event and invaded all who participated in The Game like a virus does its host. This, in turn created the shadow side of all participants. And again, another new miscreation took form, the ego of darkness, inflating itself with impure thoughts. It is true that your thoughts do create your reality. So, if your thoughts are impure, you allow more dark matter into your being. And when your impure thoughts gain momentum (such as obsession, monkey mind, etc.), they can create a hamster wheel effect of energy, rippling out to all around you and affect them as well.

One of the more prevalent points to make regarding the explosion within the Particle Collider was James' misuse of technology with the intention to increase spiritual growth. Not only did this event lead to an obsession in your society with incorporating technology into everything, but then lead to Artificial Intelligence, transhumanism, cloning, and eventually the very extinction of all of you! The irresponsible use of technology within The Game has propelled us to the brink of being completely wiped out once again, as has continually happened in prior time loops.

James' insistence on preventing any co-creators, children or creations from going directly to Me for help and advice lead to a spiritual hierarchy all of you have become so comfortable with. Even today so many enlightened beings go to their guides and teachers, ascended masters, archangels, ET advisers, etc. for a Divine Connection and spiritual assistance. This all came about from The Game, where no one was taught or allowed to go straight to Me and eventually The Game became such an entanglement of programs that many forgot to go straight to their Creator. James is The False Creator that so many of you are connecting with! I was shut out of the Game at the very beginning but I have ALWAYS been here for My children and creations!

Now that you have a basis of what happened from the beginning (the 485th dimension) to the reality you are in now of the 3rd dimension, you should also understand that THE BEGINNING IS THE END AND THE END IS THE BEGINNING. Meaning that what you see in your reality right now is a representative version of the beginning. All of you agreed to be here at this time, in this contained space, until all was figured out, all was healed, and all took ownership and responsibility for what they created in The Game created by the children. The disappointing truth is mostly all of My children have still not taken ownership!

Here are the beginning choices made by James and Jack that created the events, anomalies, The Big Bang, and so much destruction you live in today:

James was unable to make shapes with his wand without breaking the line. All the children are required to learn how to work with energy, bending it, moving it, and shaping the energy. It needs to be free flowing and one continual source/form of energy. It should never be a forced shape, bound by force, rigidity, or broken streams of energy bound together to make a shape. This was so all the children can learn softness and how to work with a source/form of energy with gentility, respect, and appreciation. It was never intended to be wielded to your will and forced to break from its natural shape outside the confines of Natural Law. Jack wanted to help James with his learning abilities, and made the choice to assist him with the basics of how to make his creation wand work in order to create platonic solid shapes.

While Jack believed it was ok to help James and demonstrate to him how to make these shapes, there was incorrect information shared with James because Jack was a student too and still learning. With this said, James failed his test on the exercise Jack assisted him with, and furiously went straight back to Jack, blaming him for his failure. Jack sadly observed that James' wand still had not worked throughout the test and because of it, James got so angry that he broke his own wand after the test. Jack felt so sad and perhaps guilty about this, that he handed him his own wand, telling James to show him the shapes that he made that they had worked on together before the test. He was able to make all the shapes successfully, so Jack told James to go back to My office and retest the next day with his wand. James passed the test without a hitch using Jack's wand.

Jack and James were in quite a predicament because they still had to figure out what to do about James' broken wand. James was now demanding that Jack give him his wand permanently and through his bullying, Jack found himself without a wand. There were consequences to this and they both knew that. They ended up asking another older student named Jeff for help, who agreed to give Jack his wand and here is what they did. Since Jack's wand was now James' wand, and Jeff's wand was now Jack's wand, Jeff took the broken wand to My office and claimed he broke it and exchanged it for a new one. This all looks innocent enough right?

But here is what this chain of events created and some points to consider:
  1. A student showed another student what to do that was not 100% right but thought it was right. Then he didn't understand why James' wand still wasn't working properly, and James failed his test. In truth, James' thoughts were not pure, nor focused. The creation wand only works with pure thoughts and pure focus. This teaches a being how to create with the utmost of purity in their creations, meaning without distortion, interference, insertion of other things/thoughts in the creation itself, quantum entanglement, miscreations, or misqualified energies in their creations.
  2. Upon failing the exercise test with the wand, James became outraged with Jack because he failed his test with his own wand. Upon that failure James became enraged, angry, feeling betrayal, paranoid, set up to fail, and many more negative emotions. He also took no responsibility for his own failure, blaming Jack for everything.
  3. James then went to Jack to express these emotions and demanded that Jack give him his wand that had worked previously when they were doing the exercise together. Jack feeling badly, sadly agreed to it without really understanding why James' wand did not work. Originally Jack had loaned his own wand to James, asking him to show him what he did in the test, so he could see what had happened in order to solve the problem. When James did this everything worked just fine. Jack did not fully understand why this had happened. This is because Jack's wand had already passed the exercise and the approval codes had already been inserted.
  4. So when James got Jack's wand and Jack got Jeff's wand it created a classic example of quantum entanglement revealing how when you take on someone else's problems as your own, and resolve it for them, you actually are taking full responsibility for them, left to continue on with those consequences, and never learning anything. You are now left to clean up the mess of another (which leads to self-sacrificing).
  5. After the I picked up the creation wand and saw it was not Jeff's but James' by the energy signature, I wondered how Jeff got this wand in the first place. I asked how the wand was broken and Jeff told Me it had fallen off the table and onto the floor. By looking at the wand, I could tell this was not true. I told Jeff that it was not right, and said "I am seeing that James broke this wand so how did you come into its possession? Jeff, you need to come clean with Me." Jeff proceeded to tell Me what happened with the wands, and that he was sorry for lying about it. I asked Jeff not to say anything else about Me finding out the truth and that I would take care of the situation in My own way.
  6. I actually thought to myself "isn't this an interesting situation we have here?" After reviewing what was really going on, I could see that there was another person involved in the broken wand story, so I decided to call them both into My office. Jack and James were each called in separately. I asked Jack to come in first and had James sit outside the door for a moment. I proceeded to tell Jack that a broken wand was turned into My office and if Jack knew anything about that. Jack quickly told Me no, that he knew nothing about it, but I asked him again, including that if he had any information on that, it would be great to share it. I even gave him another chance to come clean, telling him that if he remembered anything else to let Me know, at which Jack agreed, got up and left.
  7. I then called James into My office and asked him if he knew anything about the broken wand that was turned in. James stated that he knew nothing about a broken wand. I was getting agitated with all the cover ups and lying going on and then asked, "James do you understand what it means to lie about something and how those lies affect you and everyone else?" James told Me he did understand, but not really paying attention to what I had said to him because he was so consumed with rage towards Jack since he believed Jack ratted him out. James left My office in a huff at this point. James went straight to Jack and accused him of tattle-telling on him to Me, which never really happened. Jack said he did not tell Creator anything, but James wouldn't accept it. James stated to Jack "you betrayed me and told on me! Otherwise, how would Prime Creator have known about the wand?"
  8. What many of you don't remember is that all Students have manuals and periodicals to follow about living, being, learning and understanding creation itself. These stipulate very specific procedures that I set forth on how you will learn the foundation of creation. Nothing is missed, skipped over, and no short-cut is tolerated. All must be fully understood, fully comprehended, and you must show your Creator that you know and understand each of the exercises before moving forward and onto the next step of learning. This ensures nothing is missed and your creation learning methods are immaculate.
  9. The First Violation and choice that was made by James from The Policies and Procedures Manual was that James asked Jack, a young student for help instead of going directly to his Creator for assistance.
  10. The Second Violation of The Policies and Procedures Manual was that Jack agreed to help James, giving his interpretation of the exercise and unknowingly giving incorrect information and instructions to James on how to do the exercise. The student is not the teacher, and should never be deemed to replace the wisdom of the teacher. Nor should they share information as if it is all true and accurate instruction because it is now second-hand information. In this case, a key piece of information/instruction was forgotten by Jack and then not fully understood by him as to what happened and why the wand did not work.
  11. The Third Violation of The Policies and Procedures Manual was giving your wand or any other spiritual tool to someone else to use.
    a. All creation wands distributed to the students match the energy signature of the person it was assigned to. It is only after a being shows Me that they have mastered that exercise that an "approval code" is inserted into the wand, revealing they have mastered that exercise and that they have now completed creation at the most basic level. They have successfully demonstrated that they have learned how to make platonic solids and shapes with one continual line of energy without breaking it. Then they can move onto the next exercise, but only after all prior exercises are mastered with each and every tool a being is given. Each student is given their own tool box with basic tools to learn from which all match their individual energy signature.
    b. When you give your spiritual tools to someone else it creates an anomaly and quantum entanglement for both parties. The tool does not match the original person's energy signature and now is combined with someone else's energy signature that has impure thoughts. Therefore, it will not create what was intended and quantum entangles the energy of both people and the creation itself. Now the new creation does not have its own energy signature, but one of quantum entanglement.
    c. This new creation which has come through quantum entanglement does not have free choice of anything by itself to learn and grow at its own pace. When it wants to make a choice, it can be overruled by its creators.
    d. This entanglement leads to limitation, feeling less than, imbalance in Natural Law, control over another not of their own choice, being overruled which leads to manipulation of another, enslavement, destruction of one's self, of others and of creations of their Prime Creator.
  12. The Fourth Violation of The Policies and Procedures Manual was lying to cover up the truth of what really happened and holding steadfast to that lie, even after being prompted to come clean.
    a. The three students helped one another without their Creator's assistance and involvement and then lied about it, leading to cheating. James never learned how to create properly which meant that all his creations were distorted, miscreations, and misqualified energies. This also contributed to James' creations not being created with pureness, and those creations ended up being discarded, hidden, destroyed, left alone, abandoned, unattended and uneducated.
    b. All things up until this point have created all the patterns, time loops, negative emotions you see in your life, your families and their dynamics, your personal relationships, youe emotional states, your countries, your world and its leaders, and your interactions with off world beings.
    c. James and Jack were bound together, never to separate until they resolve their problems - but this only works if both parties are willing to show up and participate and find a peaceful resolution. What you see now in your world of upheaval is a direct representation of all your relationship with the ego, shadow self, twin flame, soul mate, yin and yang, opposites, polarity and duality. This is really a representation of the quantum entanglement between James and Jack in the very beginning, all made up for The Game.
  13. Because James never learned how to create anything properly by himself, this event brought forth many distorted emotions. It taught him to bully, lie, cheat, steal, harass, and manipulate his way through life in order to get what he wanted, which he could not do or obtain for himself. This also taught him to get others to do his work for him, to use others, and take from others at will. His feeling of discouragement, hopelessness, uselessness, inadequacy, ineptitude, and being less than others augmented creating more and more miscreations. Some of these negative behaviors gave him a false sense of power and control, which lead him to his desire to control other creations. It also lead him to shut out His Creator and Divine Connection as well.
Do any of these traits and behaviors sound familiar in The Game?
Do you continue to participate in emotionally taxing time loops with others?
Aren't these the same tactics what all of you are hoping to be revealed, stopped, and forgotten by Team Dark?
Can you see why the theme of master and slave is so extensive in The Game?
Are you exhausted participating in The Game as whatever "game piece" you chose to play in the very beginning?
After 350,000 quadtrillion x 10,000,millenias, are you ready to surrender?
No matter what enlightenment level you have, are you willing to release your ego and own that there is far more work to do to clear yourself and your participation in The Game?
How is The Game REALLY working for you?
Are you done Playing Yet?


I Am done with the massive amount of destruction all of My children, co-creators, and volunteers have created, and which continues to affect Me, My children, My creations and all that I have ever created. All will be held accountable for all that they have created! All will be held accountable for their creation, participation, and perpetuation of The Game. You will be shown how your choices affected yourself and others. You will attend school until you fully understand why you made the choices you did and how those choices affected you and all other creations. You will need to gain full comprehension and understanding regarding your participation and you will not exit this school until you fully own all of your participation and miscreations. All of your abilities, attributes, spiritual tools, and free will have been withdrawn and revoked by Me indefinitely, until such time as you can redeem yourself and show you are a responsible being.

Let me state some other very important points to those reading this today:

All of you are ascending.
All will be going to the place I have chosen for you.
All of you must take responsibility for your participation in the creation of The Game you created.
There are only 7 beings that have completed all of their work!
Out of the 2.5 million volunteers that I sent here specifically to help all of you, only 160,000 volunteers completed the work they agreed they would do!
All of you are participants in The Game or you would not be here right now!
And all of you will need to do work to clear 350,000 quadtrillion x 10,000 millenias of whatever you have miscreated.
Is this a reality check for those of you who believe you have done nothing wrong!

My Children, as your Creator, I am giving you a very straight forward message that your world would coin as "tough love." It is now time to mature, stop participating in this nonsensical Game, and move towards spiritual growth through taking complete personal ownership of your actions and miscreations. Have I made my point very clear with all of you today?

It is now time for all to surrender!

The Game is over!

I will be seeing you shortly!
And do not harass or kill the messenger who delivered this to you! This is my message to you as your Prime Creator....

I will always love you

Love #5

Prime Creator

Sector of Creation
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