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He has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems

Progressive farmer Chalasani Dutt in his roof garden at Kasturibaipet in Vijayawada. —PHOTO: V. RAJU

Progressive farmer Chalasani Dutt in his roof garden at Kasturibaipet in Vijayawada. —PHOTO: V. RAJU
Every farmer worries about the degeneration of soil and the need to rejuvenate it.
Many of them even worry about the growing pollution and its impact on plants, animals, and even human beings.
Some of them even tried to make changes to stop degeneration of soil and neutralise the effects of pollution. Industrialist-turned-progressive farmer Chalasani Dutt has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems.
He was one of the first in Krishna district, a district which has seen several enterprising farmers, to propagate Organic farming. He was the first to install biodynamic tanks, small tanks that alter the flow of water released into them and energise them.
Organic farming
Biodynamic agriculture is defined as a method of organic farming that emphasises the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants, and animals as a self-sustaining system.
It is considered one of the first modern ecological farming systems that emphasises a sustainable approach to agriculture.
He is also known for successfully raising several crops on the roof of his city house in Kasturibaipet using the world renowned Square Foot Garden technique popularised by Mel Bartholomew.
After making extensive trials in his farms at Nuzvid and Vattigudipadu Mr. Dutt is now propagating Homa Therapy.
“Agnihotra, the basic healing fire of Homa Therapy is a small fire prepared in a pyramid shaped copper container exactly at sunrise and sunset each day. Agnihotra can neutralise the effects of pollution,” Mr Dutt told The Hindu .
The shape and size of the container needed for homa was very specific. Unbroken rice, dried cow dung, ghee are burnt at the specific timings.
Quoting an article by National Horticulture Mission chief consultant R.K. Pathak, Mr. Dutt said Agnihotra purified the atmosphere.
Tremendous amount of energy was gathered to create a magnetic field of sorts. This neutralised the negative energies.
Mr. Dutt said ‘Homa Therapy’ had a tremendous impact on his Square Foot Garden ‘yielding very good results’. He said there were more commercial applications to Homa Therapy from which farmers could benefit.
On , Therisa Jones <> wrote:
Dear Alexandra
I discovered a tremendously simple and powerful fire ritual based on Vedic tradition
that subdues the negative effects of all psychic and physical pollution around homes and land
because it can
acts on different levels and attracts devas and positive forces tI can be done indoors as well
if you dont mind smokeI has a profoundly grounding  and balancing effect
I have proved to myself on more than one occasion  that doing this simple ritual can ward off psychic attacks, archonic energy
and bring peace and harmony to the practitioner.each day it is done
There is a  ritual that can be done anytime to purify yourself   any start to a day ,project or venture
The main practise is done at precise times sunrise ./sunset and over time brings positive
effects to the land and atmosphere. There are ancient mantras recited during this ritual which are simple
and easily learned
I have an existing connection to vedic traditions so it was easy for me to embrace Watch the documentry
and see how people in many countrys  esp  in south america, have really embraced and  benefitted from this ritual ,

What is Agnihotra?

Ais the basic Homa fire technique, based on the bio-rhythm of sunrise and sunset, and can be found in the ancient sciences of the Vedas. In the Vedas, the central theme in regard to the purification of the atmosphere is described as:

  Heal the Atmosphere, and the Atmosphere Will Heal You.

This does not concern only the physical atmosphere of the planet but also the invisible subtle atmosphere which has a special influence on our mood and acting. Positive thinking and acting becomes much easier through it. Agnihotra brings about a very strong purification on the physically measurable level as well as in subtle domains. Scientific studies came to the result that pathogenic germs were reduced to more than 90% in the proximate vicinity of an Agnihotra fire.
Agnihotra has been simplified and adapted to modern times, so anybody can perform it.
 Agnihotra Homa-Hof Heiligenberg
During Agnihotra, special given ingredients are burned in an inverted, pyramid-shaped copper vessel and special sounds (mantras) are sung which are exactly in accord wiht the special vibrations at sunrise and sunset.
The healing energies emanating from Agnihotra fire are directed into the atmosphere and are aslo contained in the remaining ash. This higly energized ash is very successfully employed as organic fertilizer in farming at Homa-Hof Heiligenberg.
Tutorial (German):
Download Agnihotra Tutorial