MTKESHEMr. Keshe has just completed his interview with Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot and made it abundantly clear to the other participants and anyone listening just how serious the Fukushima crisis is and just how much power the Keshe Foundation has at it’s disposal to rectify the situation. It is obvious that the only person on earth who really knows the full potential of this technology is Mr.MT Keshe. He is like George Jetson talking to Fred Flintstone if anyone remembers those characters from the 1960’s. Even Nuclear physicists cannot fathom the amazing discoveries made by Mr.Keshe so what to speak of Government officials and mere electrical engineers put in charge of running nuclear power plants. The beauty of the technology is it’s simplicity in application to separate radioactive material from land and sea which will be taught by the 9th workshop to the people of Japan and the world. Other applications will be released or demonstrated as the year of change for humanity progresses until all doubts are removed forever from the minds of men rich and poor wherever they may live and whatever status they think they hold. TAKE NOTICE AS THIS EXCITING CHAIN OF EVENTS UNFOLDS.