I just received this today from someone asking about psychic protection tools. When I sent her to this video this is what she wrote back!

Dear Alexandra, I watched your walk in the forest video and wow! Now keep in mind I actually watched the same video prior to my implant removal and it was like watching a different video. This time I saw your aura which of course had very powerful healing colors green and yellow. Didn’t see that before and well I couldn’t believe my eyes. Next thing I noticed was that St Germain was with you in a conversational way as you were explaining protection process which I didn’t feel so obviously before. I also noticed illuminated ones bringing forth some type of energy to you as well mixed with St Germain. I saw St Germain over lighting your entire face and mixing his energy so to speak. I actually saw a spirit orb type presence over lighting your face as you spoke and well, it’s really hard to verbalized. I’m blown away completely. I am just amazed. I also seemed to hear another voice talking at the same time you were talking and it was in a higher frequency than your 3d voice. Now keep in mind that I didn’t perceive any of this before. I saw 2 Rays of light. A blue ray, and a violet Ray cross crossing your physical presence during your video. I am just amazed at everything! I will be using this protective technique daily as well as the others. With much love and appreciation.



(this is my favorite!)

It is suggested that you repeat this proclamation every day for 30-45 days and as often thereafter as you are intuitively drawn to do so. The intent is to transmute the many layers of programming and be balanced so triggers no longer affect you.


(state your name) proclaim my life is my own. I close all windows, portals and doorways allowing another to observe or manipulate my energies as far as they extend, and transmute all energies connected to this experience into the divine expression of Creative Love. I choose to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul.I call forth all controlling energies experienced throughout the journey of my soul and all those connected to these energies.
I call forth all aspects of their Being, all aspects of my Being and the nucleus of the Soul on all levels of consciousness to be present and accept this healing.I call forth all soul expressions, elementals, thought forms, patterns and programs to stand before me, as I stand before you, in love. I ask you to forgive and honor me. I forgive and honor you. I embrace you in love. I thank you for the lessons we have shared.
I embrace all bonds between us in Unconditional Love and transmute all interfering energies into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I call forth all laws I own, all beliefs I have, all vows I hold, all invocations I have made and received, all contracts and agreements which exist creating distortions, illusions, images, holograms, symbols and psychic messages, causing unrest within my Being, I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I call forth all invasive energies, including thought forms, programs or substances administered to me, or created by me, forming separation, distortion, illness or illusion within my Being. I transmute you into the divine expression of Creative Love and return you to your creator source to be used only as a positive, productive energy.

I call forth all cells, creative energies, all personalities and aspects of my Being to integrate into my wholeness and align in Divine Perfection.

I call forth all energy forms, creating a response in my Being out of alignment with the essence of my soul and divine truth, and transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love and return you to your creator source to be used as a positive, productive energy.Whatever thought forms or energies I own, encouraging or causing harm to my Being, I return to their creator source. All residues I hold within my Being I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love to become a powerful, positive, productive energy.I command any energy or programming administered to me with or without my permission altering or limiting my ability to freely connect my mind, body and soul and experience my wholeness be reversed in divine perfection.

I proclaim sovereignty. I proclaim dominion over my skills. I claim dominion over my mind, body and soul. I have grown. I am empowered. I stand in my truth.

I call forth and integrate my true identity expressing itself as (state your name).I acknowledge all those who share this experience, I offer you this healing. I embrace you in Unconditional Love and transmute all interfering energies into the divine expression of Creative Love. I proclaim my peace of mind, and the peace of mind for all humanity. And so it is.

Discover the Mighty I AM Presence

Jesus’ (Sananda) Greatest “Superhuman” Prayer Is Now Spreading Across Mother Earth, As She Heals By Our Hands And Hearts

We meld with mother earth’s spirit, with our highest wisdom, power and love, for eternity… with this prayer… “To My Spirit Almighty”.

Somewhere on your healing path, you will become aware of “A Prayer To My Spirit Almighty”… and Sananda… the Supreme Commander of your life in, Project Transition Earth.
Now more than ever, humanity can self-activate, using what our galactics have said in the Phoenix Journals, is the greatest prayer ever, that has never been improved upon.

The greatest prayer is a SELF-activation, because the stronger the self, the stronger the prayers that are offered to the One. 🙂 As your Light increases via self-activation, this is the path to obtain superhuman 5D status.

As we build our superhuman lightbodies, we move towards: pH balance, experiences of many blessings, detox of all density, the ego becomes the servant to the soul, full presence with the multiverse, abundant harmonic living with all creatures, new human abilities like telepathy and much much much more! This is why our galactic family spend so much effort to assist us to ‘rise to the occasion’… because this opportunity has never come before, and shall never come again, to achieve immortality in these bodies.

The ego says… ‘ho hum’… the soul says, ‘that’s exciting!’

Imagine if we are willing to be the answer to our own prayers, that mother earth heals by our own hands and hearts.

The more love… the more inner power!… this is self-activating, in a freewill universe.

I recorded this song around 7 years ago…”To My Spirit Almighty”, setting this powerful prayer to spoken word and native chant.

We can imagine that if we the world, can begin our days with a most powerful self-activation, that we would be an answer to our own prayers? We meld with mother earth’s spirit, with our highest wisdom, power and love, for eternity… From Sananda’s spirit almighty… my spirit almighty to your’s

Indian in the Machine


My Spirit Almighty,

(My Spirit who is all-knowing, almighty, and all loving in me)

Your Presence be sanctified,

(Your presence confirms to me your controlling power over all matters concerning myself.)

May your wisdom become conscious to me,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truths, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

May your power be extended in me, on earth as well as in heaven,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truth, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

Please allow and give unto me all that I need for living this day and each day;.

(Please grant me all I need for my material as well as my spiritual life and development, for you are almighty)

So that I acknowledge my errors,

(So that I may recognize my faults and eliminate them, since they hinder me on my way of evolution)

Please do not allow me to be led into temptation, nor allow me to fall into temptation’s clutches, but rather to right decision and choices through discernment and just judgments,

(Please do not let me make error by material and wrong thinking, or become dependent on beliefs alone)

For you are within and without me as power and wisdom, truth and knowledge for eternity.

(May I become conscious of your almighty forces inside me at ALL times)

Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM.

(All of this ask in truth and ask not for self, except for understanding and truth, and ask all in behalf of brothers so that the cycle of wholeness may become manifest – even unto the tiny most portion of manifestation of your relations – which after all – IS ALL’ )


Blessings!! And THANK YOU for doing this work.

I have been enjoying your podcasts for about a month now. I want to tell you a little story and offer this up in case it can help others.

A little about me: I have been ‘on the path’ as long as I can remember. I am 50 now. I have been a spiritual counselor, using my clairvoyant gifts to transmit messages from their guides, and to counsel (Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa) for about 9 years now.

Here’s the story:

My friend sent me a recording of a guy telling his near death experience (trickedbythelight.com) and on his way back to earth, he encountered the ‘demiurge.’ He basically fits the descriptions of the Biblical devil. Anyway, he thinks he owns and runs this place as long as he can maintain a 2/3rds ratio between good an evil (2/3 good). He took this guy into the future to see that he indeed loses and has to cede control to the Light. He mentions this happens after a period of darkness. (physical darkness)

So my friend muscle tested (she is a theta healer) to create this declaration. I prayed on it for awhile, and threw a couple cards from a new deck and one of the cards actually spoke about gaining freedom from the oppression of the demiurge and used that word, along with his name: Samael Yaldaboath, of 1st century gnostic Christian mythologies. (maybe not myth?) That was enough of a sign for me. How often do you see the word, demiurge??

I said the declaration, and a couple days later while camping, my husband’s son actually killed a huge rattlesnake that had crept into our campsite. (heading to where I had been napping). A voice said in my mind, “That conversation is over” (with the snake)

I have also passed the declaration on to my friends and clients. We have all experienced significant shifts as well as further attacks front the dark. (of course) My psychic connection has gotten much more clear, and I can’t listen to NPR anymore. (lol)

Here is the declaration, as written by my friend, Natalie.

I feel like we are all former POW’s and will take awhile to acclimate to freedom.

I feel I understand now that evil is simply resistance to what is. I have sort of transcended dualism. My background is in Christianity, and I believe that this is what Jesus actually came to give us; sovereignty. And of course, the religion was hijacked and turned into a system to oppress instead. I believe Jesus has been leading me to this new level of sovereignty for a long time. I can feel this sovereignty in others. It’s not about this particular declaration; its about simply realizing that we are sovereign. This is simply a vehicle for that.

I have gotten that the declaration is more effective if one is standing barefoot on the earth. This is about freeing her, too. Or perhaps she has always been free, and we align with her when we are sovereign. My connection to the earth, and the bliss I feel when in higher vibratory states is truly amazing. So much love!

In Love and Gratitude



Creator of all that IS, it is commanded that: my signature be revoked on my contract with the demiurge, on account of deception and violation of free will. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It is done, it is done. Show me.


Creator of all that IS, it is commanded that: all of the angels and beings working for the demiurge that have been assigned to drag me down, be fired; returned from whence they came; and be cleared, canceled, deleted, and resolved on a lll levels from my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is done, it is done. Show me.


Creator of all that IS, it is commanded that: i am a sovereign soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is done, it is done. Show me.

Gaia Protection For Your Energetic Field.

By Eileen Zizecli-Coleman

Exercise of preparation for Meditation

Walk around your sanctuary calling to the four directions and Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth, cleansing with the burning of white sage.After cleansing your sacred space in whatever way is right for you, visualize a shimmering ball of Golden Light coming down from above your crown chakra and flooding your very being, cleansing you of all negativity and re-energizing you. Visualize this Golden Light which is the highest vibration of energy literally pouring into your skull, brain and spinal cord – into every part of your body, visualizing a cleansing and healing process taking place, creating peace and harmony. In a meditative state, you would ask for Love and protection for yourself and for your sacred space: Spirit of the East where the Sun rises – gateway to the sun and the element fire – ENLIGHTEN ME. Spirit of the South where the Sun is at its strongest – gateway to our feelings and emotions and the element water – EMPOWER ME. Spirit of the West where the Sun sets – gateway to the physical and the element earth – TRANSFORM ME. Spirit of the North, where the Sun rests – gateway to the mind and the element air – INFORM ME.

Grandfather Sky, masculine forces behind all that is – EMPOWER ME.Grandmother Earth, feminine forces behind all that is – NURTURE ME.—

It’s to do with getting rid of unwanted energies and protecting yourself.
It has worked very well for me. Visualise yourself now, completely enveloped by the holographic field of the ‘Flower of Life’, which contains all the archetypal patterns of perfection, your Merkabah Light Body.
I find imaging the ‘Mother of Pearl’ frequency effective for me.



“l sever all ties, and l revoke all agreements, controls, programmes, and belief systems, past and present, that no longer serve the highest good of my divine self. I return them back to their source in love and light”.

Now, place your hand behind your head in line with the medulla oblongata and say with positive intent,

“Let all that no longer serves my highest good, GO”

” Let all that no longer serves the highest good of my Divine Self, GO”

” Let all that no longer serves the highest good of my Multidimensional Self GO”.

And as you are saying each one, bring your hand over the top of your head and sweep it down in front of your body, imagining your hand like a sword cutting away all the ties and unwanted attachments. Then finally invoke,

” l send all that l have released, back to their home, back to source in love and light “

NEW Violet Flame Technique with Saint Germain


12D Shield Building Technique by Lisa Renee

Listen to this interview from 12.31.12 regarding protection and shutting down psychic attacks


Violet Flame – “I AM A Being of Violet Fire. I AM The Purity God Desires” – one example here

  • Proclamations (read above)
  • New Operating System/Reboot (let go of old beliefs, habits, people, things)

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth

Koh-Doh-ish, Koh-Doh-ish, Koh-Doh-ish, Ah-Doh-Nah-ee, Tseh-bah-yoth

(3x and even better, 12x)

Understand the Electronic Circle of The Mighty I AM Presence

Learn about it here

Use also those techniques:

MirrorsEnvision yourself engulfed in White Light and encased in mirrors facing out. When you leave the house each day, you can say “Shields up! Mirrors out!

Cloak of InvisibilityUse a deep cerulean blue cloak for protection. Through the imagination, place this cloak around you and your auric field. Envision pulling your hood over your head entirely, zipping the cloak up all the way from the feet to your head. This is most effective and you can step outside yourself and look back at a chair you are sitting in to see if you were effective at doing so. If you do not see yourself, then you know you have done it properly.

Activate Your Light Body

Use My “Untouchables” Galactic Essences Blend to increase psychic protection and confidence in the face of psychic attack!

Build your own personal shield – consider these instructions as a guide

This is a good article about grounding and its relationship to archontic attacks

This was specifically put together for those of you experiencing increased attacks….’tis the time as we near The Event folks! Stay strong!

With love,

Alexandra Meadors