I don’t have a ‘real’ choice about standing up or standing down, but it is a question I feel Keenan-1
needs to be asked of those of us who see and understand what is going on.


Let me say by way of introduction that my healing/awakening process, what I’ve learned to call a spiritual emergency, was so traumatic at times and so tough that more than once I faced the possibility of my own death. Once, I came so close that I even spoke to God, thinking it was over for me and told Him how sorry I was to have failed: he gave me lemons, and I wasn’t going to be able to make the lemonade, which is what I so desperately wanted to do. I asked God to forgive me, telling Him I’d done the best I could with what I had. Then, I felt the most incredible peace and joy, because I knew I was going home. I knew I was almost there and that everything was okay with God.


But for some reason, I did not return to God. He chose not to take me from this plane of existence. As I look back now, I know I was meant to have that experience. I lost my fear of death, and I clearly decided that since sooner or later I was going to die, my life henceforth would be all about how I chose to live my life now, today, every single day with the circumstances that were presented to me.


I didn’t want every day of my life to be a living death. Death on this plane is an inevitable experience that is going to come to all of us anyway, an event that for a brief moment in time might be painful, but is also surely followed by the most beautiful peace imaginable. Do you all understand that our angels are waiting to receive each one of us? Many of you may already be aware that those people who are able to see such things, saw the angels retrieving the souls of those who were forced to jump from the World Trade Center; they were actually jumping into the arms of angels. 


Remember, too, that what we know of death has come to us from  conventional religion, and has all been used as a fearful device and tool to control us. People who do not practice conventional religion, as most of us know it, have no fear of death at all. If you read anything about the indigenous people, sooner or later you will come to understand this. Animals don’t even think about death; they have no fear of it. It is only people, because of how we have been conditioned and taught to think of death, who fear it. I ask all to recall the lessons we often learned as children about ‘hell’. But our journey and mission here isn’t about hell and death. It’s about victory and life!


People with a lot of money and worldly goods may well have a greater spiritual challenge than those without it, because they have more to lose on the physical plane. They can too easily feel called to focus on saving their physical bodies and their physical assets, but it seems to me they can too easily forget about the importance of valuing and saving their souls. When I started to work with Neil quietly behind the scenes, I had to decide what was more important, and I think you all know how I chose.


As you have just read, I’ve reached the point where I’ve dedicated my life to the betterment and true freedom of humankind. Peter Eyre in his Agenda 21 article has just succinctly described what the cabal has long planned for us. This is indisputable; this is fact.  The walls are closing in. Can you see them? Can you feel it? 


This morning, Neil Keenan shared with me that when he returned to Jakarta, he learned that George Soros had been there in his absence. He was there in an attempt to acquire the Gold. He actually paid off nine people to have it delivered to him when he returned. Then today George Soros actually called Neil and asked him again on the cabal’s behalf to get out of their way. Neil told George in pure “Keenan-style” that the next time he comes to Jakarta he may not get the kind of reception he would like.


As you may know, this is not the first time Neil has been offered huge sums of money to get out of their way. Part of this recent offer was that he was told he could also take 25,000 people with him to a safe location somewhere on the planet, and his words to me were typical Neil: “Jeanie, how could I possibly do that? They’re telling me I can play God!  How could I ever do that!”


He continued, “We know the names of the people Soros paid off, but we will give them the opportunity to back down from this deal. If they choose to move against us, I will do everything possible to have Soros and his boys arrested before it actually happens. If they follow through and do steal the Gold that they do not own (it is owned by the DF), then we will post their names and make everyone, including the depositors, well aware of the of the theft and how it was perpetrated. The DF knows where their gold is at all times, and if there are attempts to try and steal it there will be repercussions”.


“Jeanie,  Neil continued, “This is primarily the West’s battle — we screwed things up, and now we have to get it right. It is the West that stole from the East. This is it. There will no be no other chances in our lifetime to correct this. I never thought I would be in a battle of such huge importance. But now that I am, I will give it my all to get us through it safely.”


Well, friends and family, I hope now you fully see the picture.


Neil has spent his personal fortune trying to stop their nightmarish Agenda. Yes, while he has known about Agenda 21 and so many other geo-political games, he has always known that if he can shut off their financial spigot, he can stop their Agenda. Necessarily then his efforts to shut off this spigot have been his entire focus, almost 24/7.


The cabal now has greatly impeded Neil’s ability to receive funds. No doubt, this is an action on their part, indicating how close to success Neil Keenan actually is in stopping them. For those of us able to help carry some of the financial burden, I have asked Neil to allow us to help him and our cause, by providing a donation provision on my blog. I also feel certain there are ways around these impediments that have been put in front of us. I am asking for any ideas that any of us may have. This is a call to action, because we do not know where the answer is going to come from — but the answer will be forthcoming, and I believe it is going to come from us.


I feel so much better standing up and actively appealing to all of us — instead of passively standing down! I’ve long felt that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and all this talk, for instance about an RV, about money being given to us is cabal backed and meant to manipulate and keep us asleep while they continue to murder us. Certainly, I do not see any signs of the cabal actually stopping their brutal abuse of us; instead, I see it is only increasing.


I don’t believe we are going to get a free ride here, and maybe all along that God  has meant for it to come to this conclusion, inviting us to come together to get this job done, because WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Do we truly understand these words? Are we ready now to begin living them?


As for myself, because I’ve personally decided to take this stand, I want to share how much better I feel as a result. Instead of hoping for their mercy, I’m continuing to live my life, and I hope for all of us, to live our lives, whatever its length may be in this positive, energized frame of mind! Will those of us who are aware step to the line, or are we willing to sit idly by and watch in fear as our lives and those of our children and grandchildren continue to be stolen from us in the most violent and horrible of ways. I think at this moment in time this is the question we’re being invited to answer.


I am providing a means of support on my blog for my highest vision, and additionally I am asking in our extended family for those who understand to please contribute in thoughts, ideas, and substance so we will continue on to victory. IF WE DON’T WIN THIS — AND RIGHT NOW WE ARE  – THERE’LL BE NO TOMORROWS .


Love and hugs to everyone,


PS There is no donation button just yet. I’m just now figuring it out. :)