Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 09:51

While the comments by Russian presidential advisor, Sergei Glazyev, came before Putin’s detente press conference early this morning, they did flash a red light of warning as to what Russian response may be should the west indeed proceed with “crippling” sanctions as Kerry is demanding.  As RIA reports, his advice is that “authorities should dump US government bonds in the event of Russian companies and individuals being targeted by sanctions over events in Ukraine.” Glazyev said the United States would be the first to suffer in the event of any sanctions regime. “The Americans are threatening Russia with sanctions and pulling the EU into a trade and economic war with Russia,” Glazyev said. “Most of the sanctions against Russia will bring harm to the United States itself, because as far as trade relations with the United States go, we don’t depend on them in any way.

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Watch As Russian Troops Fire Warning Shoots Against Ukrainian Soldiers In The Crimea

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 08:22

Amicable resolution between Russia and the Ukraine as the market seems to be suggesting, or not? Watch this clip of what happened just hours earlier at the Belbek air force base, in which Russian troops fired warning shots aat approaching Ukrainian soldiers and you decide.

Kerry Lands In Kiev, Sanctions Against Russia “In Matter Of Days”, US Prepares $1 Billion Loan For Ukraine

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 08:10

While the world digests the recent Putin press conference in which he appeared to superficially soften his stance on the Ukraine, US SecState John Kerry lands in Kiev while the state department announced that sanctions against Russia are “coming in a matter of days”, and as the US announces it is preparing a $1 billion aid package for the Ukraine, which despite the toned down rhetoric by Putin just lost the Gazprom discount for natgas due to non-payment meaning its reserves will be depleted even faster, suggesting a far greater urgency to providing funding for the Ukraine in what some have said is now a fight between Putin and the IMF, as the latter tries to drain what little funds remain in the nation, while the former urgently seeks to keep it afloat.


Ukrainian, Russian Warships Cross Bosphorus, Enter Black Sea

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 10:47

The Bosphorus has been a busy place today where first two Russian ships, the Alligator Class landing ship 150 Saratov and the Ropucha class landing ship 156 Yamal have passed the Turkish strait in a northerly, Black Sea, direction, followed promptly by the Ukrainian frigate U130 Hetman Sahaydachniy. Full steam ahead to a Sevastopol rendezvous? Find out in a few hours.

To Celebrate Detente Russian Navy Blocks Channel Between Crimea And Russia

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 10:02

It took just a few short hours after Putin’s Cold War 2.0 “detente” overtures for Russia to show that there is a difference between actions and words. In this case, and as always, the former continue to outperform the latter, and Reuters reports that Russian navy ships have blocked off the Kerch Strait which separates Ukraine’s Crimea region and Russia.

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Turkey Scrambled 8 F-16 Fighter Jets To Track Russian Plane

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/04/2014 – 08:35

In a brief statement this morning, Turkish military authorities have admitted that:


Which appears odd given this was a “military exercise” that we are sure the Russians had cleared with neighboring nations that it would be entering their airspace. The Turkish air force has been busy recently following the failed ‘drunk’ Sochi hijacking and Syrian intercepts.