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>>3285534 Burned disabled amputee Veteran . Wife and I are ready. My injuries will be with it when we overthrow evil. AATW
>>3285666 No words, Patriot. Allow us to carry this heavy burden. Trust your fellow man. We will win. God bless you and your family. Q

>>3285327 Darkest days. Amen, brother. This evil must be destroyed. Q




What time is the rally in TN tonight (Eastern Time)?
>>3283955 Does POTUS normally Tweet “Heading to X” prior to a rally? Today, for the 1st time, we IDEN where we would be. Reconcile. Q



>>3281997 Ford should down for perjury……..
>>3282114 Refused to hand over therapy notes to FBI. Think WHY. Justice K NEVER named. [Mr X logged in book along w/ physical description during ‘eyes closed’ session = / = Justice K]. FBI no subpoena power [no GJ] to demand. Justice K NEVER named / asked during Polygraph. Something did happen to Dr. Ford in her past. Use of that ‘something’ to ‘frame’ Justice K. Dr. Ford’s family has strong ties to SWAMP. FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts w/ support of ABC agency as AUTH BY POTUS. [RR] involved? Q



John Barlow dig Who would want to kill John Barlow? What benefit would John Barlows death provide? When was John Barlow murdered? Did John Barlow survive a murder attempt only to succumb to its lingering effects eventually? Washington Post: Meet the man whose utopian vision for the Internet conquered, and then warped, Silicon Valley By Jacob Silverman “To understand where this cyber-libertarian ideology came from, you have to understand the influence of “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace,” one of the strangest artifacts of the ’90s, and its singular author, John Perry Barlow. Perhaps more than any other, it’s his philosophy — which melded countercultural utopianism, a rancher’s skepticism toward government and a futurist’s faith in the virtual world — that shaped the industry. “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” was an utterly serious document for a deliriously optimistic era Barlow’s 846-word text, published online in February 1996, begins with a bold rebuke of traditional sovereign powers: “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.” He then explains how cyberspace is a place of ultimate freedom, where conventional laws don’t apply. When Eric Schmidt describes the Internet, however misguidedly, as “the world’s largest ungoverned space” in his book “The New Digital Age,” he is borrowing Barlow’s rhetoric. When tech mogul Peter Thiel writes, in “The Education of a Libertarian,” that he founded PayPal to create a currency free from government control and that “by starting a new Internet business, an entrepreneur may create a new world,” it’s impossible not to hear Barlovian echoes. (That grandiose attitude is so common now that HBO has a comedy, “Silicon Valley,” dedicated to mocking it.)” https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/how-one-mans-utopian-vision-for-the-internet-conquered-and-then-badly-warped-silicon-valley/2015/03/20/7dbe39f8-cdab-11e4-a2a7-9517a3a70506_story.html?utm_term=.fde41d884d00 The above article was published on March 20, 2015 Barlow suffered a near-fatal heart attack on May 27, 2015. He later reported that he was recovering. John Perry Barlow – 187 post name [DROP] 187 = murder post = Washington Post Barlovian = name [DROP] Q suggests John Barlow was murdered for his ability to influence through his activities in the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The Washington Post article highlights Barlow’s ability to influence wealthy technocapitalists towards his idealistic goals. @Snowden You are now a liability. Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 to fund and support free speech and freedom of the press. Its mission includes “promoting and funding aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government If wealthy people support Barlow’s idealistic goals then they might help support the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s goals, “promoting and funding aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government.” Edward Snowden has moved in to the position which was vacant due to Barlow’s death. Q is stating Edward Snowden is identified as a liability by the same individuals who caused John Barlow’s 187. Other Unanswered Questions: Whose crimes are threatened to be exposed by John Barlows activities? Was John Barlow’s relationship with Dick Cheney part of the motive that led to his death? Was the heart related death of Barlow’s girlfriend Cynthia Horner a botched first attempt to murder John Barlow? John Barlow was engaged to Cynthia Horner, a doctor whom he met in 1993 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco while she was attending a psychiatry conference and Barlow was participating in a Steve Jobs comedy roast at a convention for the NeXT Computer. Cynthia Horner died unexpectedly in 1994 while asleep on a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, days before her 30th birthday, from a heart arrhythmia apparently caused by an undetected viral myocarditis. Who adapted Jacob Silverman’s book for the Washington Post article? Jacob Silverman is the author of “Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection,” from which this article is adapted. Is the Washington Post article a HIT piece or coincidence?
>>3281924 Simple. We made it public. Operation closed and cleaned. Coincidence post drop? Coincidence No Name [exact 30]? Coincidence Sen. Graham activated? In the end, you will be ‘shocked’ to learn what you’ve ‘essentially’ witnessed. Think NYC bomber ‘fireworks’ hours prior. WWG1WGA! Q



How many plane crashes since post? Standard deviation? Q


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