The 21st Century brings forth many planetary changes, both in the human field of potentiality as well as therapies in non-invasive healing. We have now reached an age where energy medicine is becoming an incorporated consideration in many sectors of mainstream medicine. You see the word "energy" used in everything from clothing, to soft drinks, in business presentations and spiritual expression. So what is so special about energy anyway? We use the word constantly but when it comes to our health, does it have an even greater role to play.

Energy is defined as a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/energy) The question to me is at what point does one's "capacity" get overloaded or undersupplied?

It is proven that any discomfort, uneasiness, blockage, or illness is effecting our energy. This can be seen through fluctuations in auras, magnetic readouts, and pain levels. The energy variance may affect our vitality and bog down the body so much, that all of the systems eventually become compromised and incapable of functioning at optimal capacity. What many don't realize is that because disease is so common and prevalent today, we ALL function at below-optimal capacity. We are surviving the end of a world age of dead water, contaminated food, and compromised ecosystems. It is our way of life at this time.

On the flip side of this many have forgotten that the body is divine and operates truly as a self-healing mechanism. Because of the brilliance of our bodies, compromised systems are addressed immediately and incessantly without our conscious involvement. We continue to breathe, digest our food, and pump blood through our heart and veins with no conscious contribution whatsoever.

So why then is energy becoming the most key ingredient in attaining health and wholeness?
What has been realized is that because we live in a matrix, within a reality made up of zeroes and ones, all dysfunctions are ultimately related to a virus. Something as simple as depression, warts, indigestion, or even ulcers are all related to a virus!!! So knowing how to work with energy is key in eliminating these viruses that have monopolized the field in which we live. Through countless pioneers in the field of physics, we have learned that every dis-ease has an affiliated frequency. Rife is one of the primary trail blazers in bringing forth the concept that if you can determine the frequency of a virus, you can kill cancer viruses with an electronic or ultra-sonic beam.
I began receiving this sort of support after the car accident in 2001. Years later I received word that I had multiple cancers and began researching the most cutting edge approaches to removing cancer from the body. To date, I have found over 10 or more cancers within my body, many that I feel I took on due to so much planetary mission work. Either way, I knew I needed to remove these viruses from my field at once. I called out for help and within 2 hours met a man who changed my life forever. This was the beginning of my up close and personal introduction to DNA repair and radionics assistance.

This is a remote process that operates on the quantum field level, causing the agent of dis-ease or disharmony to change, modify and ultimately be cancelled out. There are 12 levels of operation ranging from the physical through mental, emotional, all the way up to cosmic energy levels.

If you are unfamiliar with radionics, here is some key information for your understanding.
Radionics Science is one of the most advanced scientific methods on the Planet, allowing you to balance the subtle etheric fields (energy and electromagnetic) of different bodies or physical structures, biological and non-biological, allowing a deep exploration in the systems that shape material existence. Using highly specialized scientific machines, these machines can determine the underlying causes of almost any imbalance, alteration, or disease in a living system, whether human, animal, vegetable, and even seemingly inert matter as would crystals, metals, gases, liquids , or the earth itself. Radionics Rates are used as filters to isolate specific frequencies, so that bio-energy and bio-resonance can be measured and analyzed.
  • Everything is in constant motion.
  • All matter vibrates or oscillates.
  • The oscillation of matter produce frequencies and molecular resonances.
  • The resonance and frequencies of matter transmit and receive information of its structure.
  • In our case, they are produced by the cells, tissues and organs.
  • These frequencies transmit or receive information with which organize matter in various energy fields.
  • The bio-frequencies and bio-molecular resonances can be transformed or altered such as radio frequencies, modifying the information and therefore changing energy fields they emanate from.
  • In Radionics, they have been obtained and decrypted numerical codes (Rates) for the bio-resonance and bio-frequencies that have caused almost any imbalance, alteration, or disease in a living system, whether human, animal, vegetable, and even seemingly inert matter as would crystals, metals, gases, liquids, or the earth itself.
Basic to radionic theory and practice is that man and all other life forms share a principle, this dictates "that all that lives or dwells within our planet is immersed in its electromagnetic field," and that also every living being forms their own field which surrounds them, in the case where this field experiences a deformation or if it is contaminated, it presents or reflects an impairment of the individual represented as a disease or even as an emotional charge.

Based on this scientific law, it is possible to say that: "Everything is energy". Taking this as foundation, science Radionics contemplates that organs, diseases and remedies have their own frequency or particular vibration. And these factors can be expressed in numerical-mathematical values that are known as "Rates" or fees in the form of basic geometric patterns.
  • By means of Radionics frequency information, bio-energy and bio-resonance can be changed or modified.
  • The harmful and destructive frequencies, energies and resonances can be transformed.
  • Beneficial frequencies can be supported and strengthened.
  • The purpose of a Radionics machine is to motivate and stimulate the potential for self-healing and natural regeneration through the renewal of the structural memory of bio-energetic field.
  • Radionics is a method of analysis and re-balance based on the principles of bio-energy, electro-physics and electronics, supported by the science of dowsing which undoubtedly is based on psychic abilities and mental abilities of the physician or technician in Radionics.
The Radionics as a healing art originated from the research of a very distinguished American physician Dr. Albert Abrams. He was born in San Francisco in 1863 and became one of the most highly qualified medical specialists of his day. Graduated from the University of California, he wrote several medical text books and eventually won the highest recognition and worldwide reputation as the best specialist in diseases of the nervous system. In the course of his research Dr. Abrams made the most incredible and outstanding discovery of our day, and this was that disease could be measured in terms of energy.

He devised the instrument that he calibrated and used with numerical markers that allowed him to identify and measure the reactions and intensities of each disease to the perfect measure. From this work and extraordinary discovery, called ERA (Electronic Reactions of Abrams) was established Abrams electron reaction, and came Radionics as we know it today.
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