Quantum Manifestation Marina Jacobi S2 E4 co-host Billy Rood / FIFTY8

Dec 6, 2018

Marina Jacobi Quantum Manifestation Season 2 Episode 4 In Episode 4, Marina talks about Bi-Location. To achieve the bi-location for a physical contact you must regulate and increase the molecular structure of your body. All the molecules have to shift their vibration in synchronized modalities. That creates a specific symphony, as you wish of a singular frequency rotation and then when it reaches enough potency, up steady vibration. It is easy just by thought and an emotional tone, to shift the timeline and the parallel reality. She also discusses the importance of raising our frequency with our diet, juicing and distilled water. Links below to the videos Marina mentions in EP4. Diabetics: Distilled water: No Gluten: Healing Gut flora: Hz & sound my video: Marina Jacobi detox part 1: DONATE / Energy Philanthropy FIFTY8 Twitter: @FIFTY8_Digital Instagram: @FIFTY8_Digital Support us on Patreon – Support us on PayPal –