To resolve this “issue” consider this… The “human/ monkey” frequency of physical existence is a finite frequency and all observations are a harmonic of that frequency. Particles are independent (not subject to) of that “human/ monkey” frequency of existence, but can only be observed during the “existence” part of the “human/ monkey” frequency. (all observational intervals are subject to the “human/ monkey” physical existence frequency).

Imagine a spinning disk with a white dot at a single point at the perimeter in a dark room. A strobe light illuminates the white dot at the frequency of the strobe. You could adjust the frequency of the strobe to see the dot in 1 or more locations. Because there is a finite “human/ monkey” physical existence frequency and therefore a maximum observational frequency, you’ll never be able see all the positions of the dot. The dot does not appear and disappear – only your ability to see the dot or not makes it appear that way.