Game of Thrones

Alexandra Bruce
November 7, 2013

Tony Robinsons’ documentary traces the family history of the British Royal Family and makes the argument, with the help of Debrett’s Peerage, the highest authority on such matters, that Queen Elizabeth is not the rightful heir to the throne of England – nor is anyone within her family.

The deviation allegedly begins with Edward the 4th, which many records and rumors around the time of his birth in 1442, including one encoded in Shakespeare’s play, ‘Richard III’ indicate that IV was a bastard – and therefore not of the Plantagenet Blood Royal, upon which this game of thrones depends.

It is not irrelevant to Robinson’s argument that a descendant of Richard IV, the Tudor King, Henry the VIII, made a point of eliminating as many Plantagenets from the planet as possible.

Tony Robinson goes in search of Britain’s Real Monarch. The result is a detective story that takes him from the Tower of London, to the other side of the planet…to a the humble abode, in the Australian Outback of New South Wales, of Michael Hastings who Robinson claims, from his obsessive study of the Plantagenet family tree, is the unsuspecting Aussie who, according to the rules of the game of thrones, should be the true Monarch of Britain.

The disbelieving laughter of Mr. Hasting’s daughters is priceless. Although he was a titled Lord in England, he’d moved to Australia as a teenager to live the life of an average “Aussie Bloke”, who’d voted against monarchy in a recent referendum and who now lives a loving family life and works in agriculture, developing a strain of rice for Australia’a parched climate.

In the end, Tony Robinson is left less impressed with what Michael Hastings and his family had lost, as the real heirs to the British Throne, than with what they had gained, in their freedom to live happy, productive and intimate lives.
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