Sr Keri Burnor Soul Cages Vatican, Sex Abuse, Human Trafficking & The Jesuits- Hr 1

Nov 4, 2018

“The Nun with a gun”, Sister Keri Burnor, joins Randy Maugans to talk about her journey from faith to faith, as a former Order Nun to victim of sexual abuse; the legal cover-ups,stalking, harassment, and implanting with military-grade nanobots; how key players, like the late J. Peter Grace, The Knights of Malta, and Society of Jesus (Jesuits) control the institutions, courts, and law enforcement agencies to continue the perpetrations of abuse, mind control, and societal control. We have an extended discussion on law, and lawful remedies towards sovereignty, as well as how Vatican Canon Law is the underlying structure of all our present “legal” systems in the extended version available here to our patrons: A former Alphabet Agency Agent said of her recent exposé on,thevideo called “Targeted to Free, Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons”, “Keri, OMG that video was amazing and made a very complex subject understandable and an unusual story more believable with you telling it!!! CongratulationsJ!” Sister Keri Burnor’s contact info: Email:, Website: “Transforming Victims Into Victors!”