Rare double waterspout spins through the sky above beachgoers in southern Thailand

A double waterspout has occurred over a beach in Krabi, south Thailand, with two columns spinning from the water to the clouds

A rare double waterspout tornado has been captured off the coast in southern Thailand spinning above beachgoers.

The incredible natural phenomenon was seen in the province of Krabi yesterday evening, just before sunset.

Video shows the two thin funnels descending from an expanse of grey clouds down to the sea.

The vortexes spin quickly but do not suck up water, rather the air above is rotating in a thin column.

Hundreds of beachgoers and residents in the area gathered to watch the spectacle before the clouds disappeared after a few minutes.

Onlooker Thanongsak Yongpraderm said: ‘I was working at the time when I noticed the clouds. I was amazed that there were two.

‘I stood watching for a few minutes then the clouds just sort of faded away. The sky was grey and it was quite scary. A lot of people stopped to watch.’