Written By:  Native American Shaman/High Holy Man

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Your corrupt Governmental Representatives worldwide have been in collusion all together in the new world depopulation agenda. They have been using secret technology against all peoples worldwide, not only with jet chemtrails, but also with invisible cloaked airships to drop bio-warfare on the people.

The Shaman has revealed for numerous years in the past and even up to the present the corrupt demoncratic government attempting to do a mass aniolation of the peoples of our world. Shaman’s exposure over the past few years has been given in order to make the people fully aware of the truth.  The peoples of the world have been attacked by their own corrupt governments and many deaths have occurred and are increasing at present.  The people don’t realize what is happening to them due to prescription & over the counter medications are pure poison.

Through the Shaman’s discoveries, most of the bio-warfare dropped by corrupt world governments are mutant diseases they have created in their own labs. Most of these mutant diseases cannot be cured by any of their antibiotics. But another discovery by the Shaman was that all these chemical preparations from pharmaceutical companies have intercepted any and all bio-warfare diseases in a concentrate form into their chemical compounded drugs.  So if anyone uses pharmaceutical drugs they are actually ingesting any and all bio-warfare in a compounded form to consistently bring all these diseases into their own bodies.

The Shaman warns all people to even be careful in using herbal supplements due to many of them contain chemical drugs and fillers that do the exact same thing as pharmaceutical drugs. And pay specific attention to who the makers of these herbal products are. Many of the pharmaceutical companies have been buying up the herbal companies and using chemicals as fillers that actually draw in these bio-warfare diseases.

The Shaman made vast efforts to expose the pharmaceutical companies and all corrupt government representatives of all 50 states in the US.  Shaman was one of the first to file fraud charges and stop the unlawful drugging of our nation’s children by using black box drugs. Shaman’s demands for auditing all 50 states for fraudulent billing and theft of funds from social security for over 50 years for these unlawful and non FDA approved drugs.  Shaman’s demands were made to dissolve “Child Protective Services” and federal funding was announced on FOX News in August of 2011 by federal representatives.  The beginning audit showed 14 billion dollars theft from Social Security for 2011.  Auditing has continued for all back years and contemplated to continue on for the past twenty five years for all 50 states.  The states were grooming all our nation’s children to become drug addicts for the future.  Shaman’s racketeering criminal and corruption complaints prevailed along with his youtube announcements.


Shaman is an advocate for the purity of our Creator’s herbal medicine.  Other companies are using chemical compounds such as menatol and other chemical ingredients because of their own greed.  They fail to understand that these chemical drugs and binders cause much physical problems for those people that use them.  Shaman refers to his criminal complaint racketeering & corruption page 14 & 15 of 41 which states the foregoing:

Motives of the Pharmaceutical Companies and Corruption Ties to Governor Bill Richardson, State and Federal Legislators and Reason for Strikes and Attacks Against Native American Family, Articles of Confederation-1978, Article 1 and Article 3

This complainant alleges through information from undercover informants that the pharmaceutical companies had a large part and influence in conspiracy and involvement behind the scenes regarding the influence of the frivolous action involving the kidnapping and separation and experimental drugging of my children contrary to mandated law.  Without the filing of a petition to perpetuate testimony, initiating discovery proceedings upon all co-conspirators involved in racketeering and corruption.  I am not able to ascertain who the accurate identities of the major pharmaceutical companies are.   Their motives and intent was to stop this complainant from producing herbal remedies that heal all diseases.  This complainant has designed and produced the most powerful herbal combinations in the world that heals all auto-immune diseases and eradicates the worst possible chronic pain within seconds.  The effects of this all-powerful combination of herbs instantly eradicates bone cancer, brain cancer and any type of pain within seconds and disease is eliminated immediately from any sickness, including respiratory diseases such as swine flu, SARS, avian flu and legionnaire’s disease, encephalitis, staph infection, AIDS, and diabetes, and including heart disease and all heart viruses.  Said multi-herbal combination produced by this complainant does heal any and all diseases.  When complainant herein mass manufactures this multi-herbal healing agent, it will surpass any vaccine or drugs that are produced by any pharmaceutical company.  Said invention is up and beyond the imagination and inconceivably believed by those who have not experienced the instant healing factors.  Said multi-herbal combination has been trial-tested for more than 10 years and has been used on multiple patients with 100% success rates, whereby many people from different parts of the United States and other foreign countries have to come to obtain this instant healing remedy.  Said remedy is so extremely powerful that it can even stop death.  Said invention will put all pharmaceutical companies completely out of business that are operating and controlling many government representatives through corruption.  Complainant drew attention due to the fact that he received many of the patients from medical practitioners along with the medical practitioners themselves,  had come to receive services due to his high rate of healing all diseases commencing instantly.  Through undercover informants it was made known to this complainant on or about June 2002, I am unable to ascertain the accurate date, the undercover investigators were sent by the pharmaceutical companies in order to discover how or why the great numbers of people would come for the services ad would be healed of all their ailments quicker than any western medicine available.  It is believed by this complainant that he is a threat to said pharmaceutical companies due to this high percentage rate of instant healing upon all patients, and by this, this complainant, a healer, posed a great threat to the pharmaceutical companies.  Said companies and their representatives all the way to their CEO’s are responsible in racketeering, corruption in concert with Governor Bill Richardson along with all the legislators and CYFD, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists and therapists with deliberate criminal intent to defraud the federal government through special programs and the SSA IV through overbillings in excess of the costs of the drugs, but also by the forcing of this unlawful black-boxed drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for children under the age of 25.  This is one of the largest frauds throughout the State of New Mexico, further, this fraud extends throughout the United States, involving each and every governor and state legislator getting kick-backs by the pharmaceutical companies.  Said monies were in the form of campaign contributions, expensive dinners, vacation trips, and other gratuities  which is unlawful to receive by a public official and criminal in nature whereby unusual and unnecessary billings costing the federal government and federal taxpayers trillions of dollars throughout the United States for fraudulent and unnecessary expenses.


The Shaman has experienced much harassment from law enforcement, sheriff’s dept., FBI, US Marshalls, Texas Rangers and other agencies from Washington, Texas and New Mexico.