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     Guests:  Lady Dragon, Minuteman

White_Knight*  Veteran’s Today magazine 5/20/12 says the military has had enough of Obama.
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*  Canada is trying to free itself also.
*  “Within the next few weeks things [legalities] should be satisfactory to the military.”
*  This is a second revolution.
* is the news website for Canadian alternative news, per “Lady Dragon”.
*  Get to know the people in your community.  Get off the couch, find your special talents
and use them for the benefit of your community.
*  We should be preparing now to manage our new freedom &
manage our local governments.

*  The military helped start the militia movement in the 90’s; goal was to build and hold
until now.
*  The Federal Government does not have the manpower to take us into martial law.
*  The Cabal is losing it’s power to assassinate people.
*  The Dinar revaluation will occur at the time of the announcements [in a few weeks].
*   Hold silver dollars dated prior to 1964.
*  “Everything is looking good with the Keenan suit.”
*  The people that left JP Morgan were the good guys who got fed up.
There was not a “trading Loss” there; it was a cover for payments to certain people.
*  The 13th Amendment will clean out the Zionist and other foreign controllers
in our government. [No allegiance to two governments]
*  The suppressed technologies will be the same as the difference between us now
and Cro-Magnon man.
*  All communication (satellite) and transport out of the country will be closed down
for 72 hours.
*  Maritime [UCC] law trumps common law.
*  Re: Judge Dale’s document The Great American Experience – Chapt. 5:  There are
three sets of books, one set regarding the planet;  Most sets are fraudulent.
The problem is that no one knows the true values of the books.
The books will be zeroed out.
*  Its not pretty now, but the Japanese radiation problem is being handled.
The earthquakes were intentional extortion.
*  The timeline has been delayed a few weeks for legalities.
*  You can create your own militia group in your county.  Can be several in one county.
Inform your sheriff what you are doing.  Link with another militia group to learn how.
*  Major changes may come to education, cutting the time and expenses down.
*  Download free skype and send email to asking to join a room
so you can participate in the calls.
*  If you have problems contact the National Lawyers Guild; pro-bono work.

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