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Most of us are familiar with the concept of reincarnation. In fact, a great many truly believe, with others sincerely hoping, that such a concept is very much a reality of human existence. For if it were, not only would it mean that something else awaits us after death, but that for all intents and purposes, each of us is truly immortal.

But what is reincarnation? Is it real? Is it inevitable? Or might reincarnation itself simply be another plateau to experience before the “soul” – whatever that might be – goes on to its next state of existence? Indeed, might reincarnation prove that life itself for each of us is a perpetual journey to be appreciated and mastered from different perspectives and forms of existence?

Reincarnation Rebirth

While many people dismiss such notions, safe in their equally dogmatic and rigid approach to life that encases them just as tight as any religion might, the fact is that throughout history right up until the modern age, examples of past lives and reincarnation are everywhere. And what’s more, they come from all walks of life. Indeed, the notion that the concept of reincarnation can be dismissed without investigation or explanation is similar to placing your faith in a “deity” you have never seen.

From an investigative and scientific position, if reincarnation was a proven part of human life, not only would we have to ask what the purpose to our existence might actually be, but what does it mean for our perspective of life itself? What does “life” mean? What is life? Human life? And does it live again, and again, and again?

Before we move on and explore this fascinating concept a little further, check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of reincarnation.

Reincarnation – A Constant Companion Of The Collective Human Existence

Although we won’t have an in-depth discussion of the history of the concept of past lives, or of the many religions and their differing views on reincarnation here, it is safe to say the concept and belief in life after death goes back to our collective beginnings and has permeated the many religions, belief systems, and our collective existence since.

While some religions embraced the concept of reincarnation, others saw it as heretical. During the brutal years of The Inquisition, for example, many people who openly preached a belief in such a notion would be burned alive at the stake.

Indeed, it would appear that acceptance and interest, of at least the possibility of reincarnation in “the west” took place, at least publicly, after the period of enlightenment made it safe to entertain such notions in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. During this time, many scholars, philosophers, and simply wealthy travelers of their day gained insight to many of the ancient eastern texts. Particularly, but not exclusively the ancient writings of India and such writings.

What is interesting is that many of the teachings in these ancient texts would appear to have been discreetly known by those in “secret societies” such as the Freemasons, at least from our retrospective view, for centuries. These secret organizations, whose roots went back to the Knights Templar, who in turn, likely gained access to such knowledge during their occupation of Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the twelfth century and their seemingly regular interaction with many eastern scholars of the time.

In short, though, whatever the truth of reincarnation and whatever the stance of the authorities of the respective times might have been, it is a concept that has lingered alongside the human race since time, for us, began. Why is that?..Read More at

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