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As many of you are more than aware the past few days (in a linear context) have been intense, the full moon energies working to highlight that which you have kept hidden deep within the cellular structure of your human vehicle. These frequencies may have been released as intense memories that have repeatedly come to you until you acknowledge and accept them. The release may have come as tears or as sleep as during intense periods of clearing the human vehicle needs extra sleep in order to process both the release of the lower dimensional frequencies and the anchoring of the higher dimensional frequencies.  For many of you the past few linear days may have been a bit of a haze of sleep, tears and more sleep.

In order to move fully into the New Earth it is vital to uproot ANY anchors that you have been TAUGHT to put down within the old karmic dimensional timelines. I have stated many times that ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth and that none of the old 3d earth reality can be taken over into said New Earth.  Often the old 3d earth reality will try to show you that you are losing people and that people are your anchor but this is highly distorted.  Events in my own personal life over the last few linear days have clearly shown me the distortion that is in operation within the old 3d earth created reality. That which I had been TAUGHT to view as a sanctuary actually a prison of my OWN MAKING. For each one of you MAKES their own prison under guidance and teachings from the old 3d earth created reality. The prison will not look like a prison, it will give a FALSE sense of security and may as I have blogged about previously resemble a beautiful present. The wrapping paper may make it look like something fantastic but how many of you are reading the energy signature of your anchors?? the illusion taking your focus from the anchor to those in your waking life instead. For the anchors that hold you deep into the old 3d earth created reality are.

I would ask you process my words through your heart space for the human logical mind may try to filter out my words. Where were you born? where are you drawn to on this planet? what keeps you in the physical place that you are in at this time?  These sorts of questions may help you illuminate the anchor that is at this time keeping you IN PLACE within the old 3d earth created reality. For you CHOSE your place of birth as you chose your parents and your life experience PRIOR to incarnating into the old 3d earth created paradigms. Remember this is the only way in which you could access the human life experience on this planet prior to the New Earth now being birthed upon and within planet earth.   “HOME” is a hugely distorted teaching that will see many of you return over and over and trigger huge emotional reactions to places and then filter them out immediately.  It is to be noted that the karmic dimensional timelines contain many “stories” for the human race, indeed without these “stories” you would not have been able to incarnate onto this planet, the difference in frequency between the old 3d earth and SOURCE too much to cope with. So you incarnated into the “stories” of the human race but many are aligning fully with these stories unable to see that they are just “stories” and they are NOT TRUTH.

To walk this planet believing that you are re-incarnated as some ascended master who has lived/lives in Atlantis sees you ANCHORED into the stories that resonate from the original distorted base dimensional “STORY”. As you are not here to walk the New Earth bound in a “story” you cannot move into the New Earth until you dissolve the anchor that you have placed and that is keeping you held within the karmic dimensional timelines. Please note that by stating these are “stories” I am at no point stating they are made up, they are REAL however they are CREATED KARMIC DIMENSIONAL TIMELINES and they are designed to hold you within a bandwidth of frequencies that seek to prevent your expansion into the New Earth.  This is what I talk about when I talk about the “rattlesnake in wrapping paper”.  These stories seeks to give a sense of safety, a sense of “power” but in TRUTH they contain and suppress.  NONE came here to recreate Atlantis or Lemuria in a shinier form for they are NOT TRUTH, they are lower dimensional CREATED realities in which KARMIC lessons are/were learned.  TRUTH JUST IS, it is not bound by KARMIC FREQUENCIES.

This may trigger many of you and this is deliberate for as I have stated TRUTH JUST IS, if you go into defense of “something” then look more closely at the “something” and FEEL the energy signature that you are presented with. Detach from the “wrapping paper” and FEEL TRUTH.  The New Earth is creating heaven upon earth, each “heaven” personal and unique but deepening and expanding the LOVE THAT IS in TRUTH for that is the very fabric of this universe and YOUr core essence. Many are still handing their power over to the karmic dimensional timelines, preferring to leave the anchors in situ believing that these stories “define” them and therefore cannot be dissolved. ONLY BY DISSOLVING the anchors can you move, if not you are bobbing about on the ocean never straying further than where the anchor will allow.


At this time you are asked to connect to AA Michael and Lady Faith and to cut the connections that you have to PLACES upon this planet. Asking AA Michael to place his sword of TRUTH and LIGHT through these connections may give you some interesting energetic reactions for you will FEEL the disconnection and the emotional and ENERGETIC release that you are given in return.  Until you can release the ANCHORS from the old 3d earth created reality on ALL levels that they exist you will be bound within the karmic residue that at all times seeks to prevent you from gaining perspective and clarity of vision. This is YOUr birthright as a sentient BEing in the UNIVERSE OF 3 and this is now being illuminated for you, within you and around you at this time.

Do not allow the illusion to persuade you that it is “people” who keep you in place, the people are there to strengthen the illusion for ALL ARE ONE and ALL IS NOW, the overlay of energetic signature over energetic signature is a powerful anchor but not as powerful as the frequency of the LOVE that IS nor TRUTH.  ONLY TRUTH can set you free from the prison that you were TAUGHT to build in order to live upon this planet, FREEDOM is your birthright and you are now asked to SET YOURSELF FREE, only YOU can do this for only YOU can create and maintain the prison that YOU have been TAUGHT to create and live within. You are asked to take the hand of Lady FAITH who resides within your heart space and walk into the LIGHT in TRUTH. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.