Remote Viewing the Urantia Book – The Mantis Alien Agenda Exposed

Apr 18, 2018

Remote Viewing the Urantia Book and Exposing the Mantis (Mantid) Alien Agenda. *** Big thanks to my Patrons, consider supporting the channel: *** Free RV Fundamentals Class Preview: You can find Brett’s Book – Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide as a digital download here: *** Follow Brett on Social Media! *** FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TI FACEBOOK: *** About This Video ** In this video Brett Stuart, founder of Technical Intuition and author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide, shares his work remote viewing the origin of the Urantia Book, a mysterious text that describes humanity’s past, present and future in the universe. Claimed as originating from angelic or celestial beings, the remote viewing work exposes a familiar extraterrestrial commonly called the Mantis (Mantid) alien as the culprit, which is known for looking similar to a praying mantis, as the true authors who wrote the Urantia Book. Follow along with this remote viewing example as Brett shares his data exposing the mantis alien agenda.