Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Open Letter To A Donor Family:

I would love to make this more personal, but due to HIPAA violation laws, I can’t.
Please forgive me.

I do not know your story.

From what little I know of your loved one’s story, I want you to know that I appreciate it very much. It has been an honor to serve your loved one as the bridge between your family, and the gift of life that is going to be celebrated in the recipient’s families as I write this.

For what little it’s worth, I want to share with you the story of this passage that is uniquely my own.  As a psychic and medium, I can connect the dots for you a little more, on what happened in a higher sense. As an anesthesiologist, I can assure you of what I experienced in that OR in your loved one’s final  moments on Gaia.

Let me begin.

Sometimes ‘Spirit’ calls me; I have to be in a certain place at the right time to assist others who are in distress.

When I was informed first thing in the morning of the procurement that was scheduled later, I ‘felt’ the ‘nudge’ of my being called to ‘duty’ that is to soften the harshness of things that are experienced on earth. With all of my body and soul I just knew it was a reason I was on call, and I was invited to do this case.

My colleagues were afraid to do it. I offered them the chance, out of courtesy with the lineup–and they refused.

I have no such fear.

When the team was assembled, I was relieved from my neurosurgery case by my colleague to make myself available to you.

The nurse who was coordinating on our end, had worked on the team with those who were assembled to make this gift possible from your family. I have also done mediumship for her, with a message that came through in surgery when she asked–there was a spirit of a man near her, and he gave a message. I wrote it, and gave it to her. The little old man with the glasses and the soft accent like Sylvester the Cat was her father-in-law, whom she was quite close to. This message allowed her husband, who was less ‘open’ than her daughter and herself, to BELIEVE. This message was HIS Miracle.

Earlier at around four o’clock, while I ate my salad in the Doctor’s Lounge, your loved one came to me in Spirit. They asked me to share a message with you. I did not think it was appropriate until now to share. Here is the message: Are you the one who is going to be doing my case? Yes? Tell them that I miss them.

After the OR was set up for all the anesthesia needs, which are unique in organ procurement, I went with the nurse I had mentioned earlier, to bring your loved one to the OR for the case.

As we walked down the long hall of the OR to go to ICU, I felt the presence of angels. There were many. Tall ones. Strong in faith.  They came with us to the room.

The ICU staff welcomed us. I could tell the RN who had been taking care of your loved one was upset over the situation. There was extra care to your loved one, I could see in the way the i.v. and other nursing tasks had been prepared with extra love and care. This beautiful nurse had not only ‘adopted’ your loved one as her own, but she also is taking the extra time to accompany them into the O.R. and be present for the procurement. This is rare and I want you to appreciate her love for you and for your own.

As I greeted you, I took care to smile with as much nurturing, warmth, love and gratitude as I could. This is partly because of my being the family of a recipient. And it is partly because I am an anesthesiologist who is empathic, and I want you to know I feel your grief and respond with as much lovingkindness to make this time less traumatic than it has to be for you.

I greeted each of you and shook your hand. I reassured you I would be taking extra good care of your loved one. I answered your questions, and made it clear that your loved one would not experience pain at any time. And further, I would optimize the viability of the organs for the recipients by managing the anesthesia well.

I wanted you to see me place the bonnet on your loved one with care and gentleness. I was ‘nudged’ by spirit twice to offer the elastic from the hair to you. Please forgive me; I did not. It was navy blue.

In the elevator, we were quiet and thoughtful as the portable ventilator worked and I watched the monitors.

I asked the team to pause at the doors to the O.R. as you had requested, and invited all who wished to give one last kiss and say goodbye. You came one by one. You said, ‘Have eternal peace.’, and cried. ‘I will see you again’, and ‘Watch over us.’. I heard, ‘I love you SOOOOO much!’ by the last gentleman, whose shoulders shook as he sobbed and said his last goodbye to your loved one’s warmth. I put my right hand on his shoulder to steady him, and gave as much healing and comfort as I could through that gentle rest of my hand on him.

It was time to go.

Once in the O.R., I did my work with great joy and love for all who were going to be touched by this event.

In the moment of silence, right at the ‘Time Out’, we played the song you requested. It touched everyone deeply. Out of privacy for you, I will have this song instead, for your moment of silence, dear reader, for this beautiful soul who is about to Transition to Heaven…

During this song, I looked around the room. The surgeons and perfusionists and nurses present, as well as the scrub technologists who were already scrubbed in, were shoulder to shoulder.

I saw angels.

I saw them for what they are–people who have endured great hardship (surgical training is hell on earth) in order to be skilled at what they do. They sacrifice their time with their families and personal interests in order to give of themselves to this cause of transplantation. I saw their energy, I saw their Light, and I was both honored and humbled to be in their presence. They do not know how much Light their work brings to Gaia and to humanity–not as it is seen in Heaven. But I ‘caught’ a little of their glory.

Then your loved one was standing just over them, on the opposite wall to the right of the table, with the feet about three feet off the ground, with Jesus at their side. The loved one was on Jesus’ right, and Jesus was on your loved one’s left, and they were arm in arm. They both smiled and waved with excitement at the wonderful accomplishment and gift of service with your loved one’s life. There was a vitality and enthusiastic JOY for life in your loved one that in my brief experience with them I never thought was possible! The two stayed in Spirit for some time, and left. I am not sure when because I was working on the anesthesia.

I want you to understand I am an energy healer, and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. I put Karuna energy into the room while I was setting up for the case. I protected the space with angels. That room was HOLY when we walked into it.

And the SURGEONS picked it up. This was no routine procurement! The song opened their hearts. And I smiled and made eye contact with each one, during the music, and shared as much lovingkindness as I possibly could. During the moment, I gave Divine Peace Healing to everyone that was connected in some way with your Loved One. I raised the Vibration WAY UP. There was no joking or negativity of ANY KIND while your loved one was under our care. Sometimes that happens–not to the loved one but because the team is happy to be together, and talk playfully amongst themselves like all good teams do. Sometimes the teasing and conversation gets a little much–ninety percent of the time, everyone is super on-top-of-things in every procurement I have been in. But this one had LOVE energy present, and the surgeons instead of ‘doing their thing’, did it with Open Hearts….

There isn’t really much more to say. The organs were good. Everyone did as they were expecting to do. The rows of plastic containers with the names Right kidney, Heart, Left Kidney, etc. were filled with love and hope and anticipation for those who are suffering and are going to experience renewal through your caring to reach out to them in your grief and loss of your loved one.

Please know there are strict rules which apply to communication between these two sets of families. Recipients are allowed one letter only to the donor families. And the donor families, at least from what my friend who worked with the team says, are not allowed to respond back.

The gratitude and appreciation and thanks to God are in the hearts of the recipient families every day their loved one lives!

Mom named her kidney ‘Charlie’. It’s for ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

On behalf of all recipient families, I extend my deepest thanks for your generous gift of family and life, from your family to ours. We are One through this shared gift.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The other nurses who were not in the room, were eager to learn about the gift, and how it works, and how many people will benefit from your loved one. I spent about twenty minutes at the front desk after my part was complete, answering their questions about how organ donation works. Their smiles were another gift I would like to share with you; together, we taught them how this gift actually is done,  how it works and what to expect. Now they can teach others. <3