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Chakra energyDefinition: to restore to health or soundness, to cure, to set right; repair, to restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness, to become whole.  In a world where you are prompted to pop a pill for anything from acne to heartburn to erectile dysfunction, there is no wonder why healing has become one of the hottest topics in our society today.

The alternative healing arts is experiencing record growth and student enrolment in this century. There is a pressing need to find a better way to get well other than taking pharmaceuticals and thus suppressing symptoms.  Many are truly recognizing that we are a Spirit with a body, not the other way around, and because of this, there is a realization that complete healing involves a more comprehensive approach.  

With the expansion of holistic health, we are now beginning to access our bodies in an integrative way, acknowledging that mind, emotions, and frequency are key components to the physical body acquiring true healing. More emphasis is placed on crucial body systems such as the meridians, chakras, grids, multiple energetic fields and aura, and genetic imprinting of DNA, which because they are unseen are dismissed by the western medical system.

After such a severe car accident, I would not be where I am today if I had not traveled the alternative route  for assistance and answers.  Through light, sound, crystals, and various types of frequencies, one can eliminate pain, uncover hidden obstacles, and transform age old issues of pain and suffering.  It is non-invasive, inclusive, and a profound manner of approaching the body.  You even typically look forward to your healing sessions since your are recovering a piece of yourself in the process.  

We must learn to take control of our own bodies again, and empower ourselves with an understanding of how the body responds to trauma and discordant energies or frequencies. This is where the big mystery of why something happens to us eventually turns into a completely explicable how and what.  The body is brilliant and practical and if we learn its language, we can remove the inexplicable diseases that have cropped up amongst humanity.

Scientists Create Artificial Flesh That Heals Itself Like Real Skin

The Mind Unleashed (TMU) — Scientists have tried for a long time to recreate human abilities artificially, such as in the case of artificial intelligence—AI—which has recently taken big steps by using hardware for deep learning and neural networks to...

Natural remedies for osteoporosis: What are the science-based health benefits of red clover? Red clover is a preferred herb among herbalists due to the variety of health benefits it provides. This herb is well-known for its ability to treat symptoms of menopause and perimenopause like hot flashes – a feeling of intense heat not...

Magic mushrooms in a nasal spray

Boing Boing As scientists make great strides in their research on psychedelic therapies for depression, PTSD, OCD, addiction and other conditions, new ways to deliver the drugs are also emerging from laboratories. Oregon company Silo Wellness...

Ultimate Guide to a Conscious Christmas

Wake Up World December 9th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World The festive season is in full swing and across the land, and the sound of cash tills ringing is deafening. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all the bells and whistles...


SHTF Plan The season of traveling is approaching and with it, comes the exposure to germs and the possibility of getting the flu.  But there are a few simple hacks preppers have that they use to prevent the sickness. Most preppers understand that...
Teal Swan: Novocaine Spirituality [VIDEO]

Teal Swan: Novocaine Spirituality [VIDEO]

TealSwan Novocaine Spirituality Nov 23, 2019 "Novocaine Spirituality" is a phrase coined by Teal Swan that describes practices within spirituality that provide temporary relief rather than long term solutions and are therefore more akin to a coping...

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The Five Best Ways to Beat a Cold

The Five Best Ways to Beat a Cold

GreenMedInfo The Five Best Ways to Beat a Cold November 12th 2019 By: Linda Woolven & Ted Snider Here are the five top tips to help you fight the cold this season Vitamin C This most famous cold fighter both prevents and treats colds. When you...

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Who Are The Most Known Savants In The World?

Who Are The Most Known Savants In The World?

TruthTheory Who Are The Most Known Savants In The World? Posted on 2019/12/1 By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory You may have seen the movie Rain Man and wondered about the character: Raymond Babbitt. The heartfelt story shows the journey of Raymond...

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