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images-duckduckgo-comWith the hubbub surrounding the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, there seems to be such a misunderstanding about what ascension really entails.  Its old biblical sense describes this process as the physical body raising up into the clouds, where humanity is taken into heaven.  What many are realizing, no matter what their religious or spiritual background, is that ascension indicates far more than a physical ascent.  It is far more personal and profound, a process of preparation and awakening for the new Golden Age, that is the Age of Aquarius.

So many of us compile the myriad of perspectives as to what actually happens when we “ascend.”  But I ask you aren’t we in the midst of “ascension” right now?  Many continue to perceive ascension as acquiring unity consciousness, or some sort of balanced demeanor of love, peace, and acceptance of others no matter what, since we are all one.  But actually the unity consciousness that so many strive for cannot truly be attained it we do not first unify our own fragmented selves. In order to eliminate fragmentation, we must strive to clear all past life trauma, heal accumulated pain and genetic imprinting, lessen our stress or the need to live in the emotional body, and evolve ourselves to a more balanced state of being.  This entire process “unifies” our consciousness, allowing the space for us to evolve and ascend into an evermore complex state of being.  Once we have begun this unification process, we are well on our way up the ascension path.

Many proclaim that in order to ascend all we need is love; that is to love one another or come from a position of acceptance of others.  However, isn’t this the cart before the horse syndrome?  Let’s define love:

1) Love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another, a feeling of warm personal attachment, a strong liking for another, or taking great pleasure in something.

Now let’s define peace:

2) Peace is defined as a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, the normal freedom from civil commotion and any violence, and the cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissension.

Isn’t it imperative that we attain a state of peace first, learning to love ourselves first and then loving one another?  How can we supply pure, clean love to anyone else if we haven’t given ourselves this gift first?  I feel this is one of the effective keys to our ascension process.  We must focus within and work towards an observer role in all that we do and feel.  It is quite the quest, but well worth the journey.

Below I have supplied many links regarding ascension.  It is so important to discern the various perspectives of ascension, take what works for you, and leave the rest behind.  This is what honors your inner voice and etches your divine truth.

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Ascension Glossary – Morgellons

Ascension Glossary STARSEED CLIENT SESSION TRANSCRIPT Excerpt - Morgellons. Theme - (Atomic Harness, nano-dust in UK, Morgellons) (Continued from Atomic Harness session) So what I'm asking is that now that we've been made aware that this level of...

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